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Graduation gift?

Asked by chicadelplaya (2218points) May 7th, 2009

My brother is graduating from a Radiology Tech program this month and I need some ideas for a graduation gift. Can you guys help me? Thanks!

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What does he like? How much money do you want to spend?

Without knowing those things, here are some random ideas:

Pocket knife
Tickets to a show or concert
Wall art—framed Ansel Adams print, or whatever he likes
$$$$—always a popular graduation gift

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gift certificate to a uniform shop.

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…for me under those circumstances: get me an inexpensive room near the beach where i can just unwind before life gets really busy…

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Wow, all great ideas. I’m a student myself so I’m thinking my limit is $150. He loves baseball and having a good time on the town.

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@chicadelplaya: Perfect. With baseball season just starting, taking him to a game, and maybe out for drinks afterward with a few friends would be a great gift, and great brother-to-brother bonding time. I would think you’d be able to do that for $150, if you don’t insist on sitting right behind home plate. :-)

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You could get him a diploma frame. I think they come as cheap as about $140. You should be able to get one personalized from the school on their website or in the bookstore. If you don’t live in the area and they don’t have a website, just call and they can probably ship you one.

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@lisaj89, a frame that costs $140? How much grander is it than a frame that costs $20?

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I’m talking about the ones they sell in our campus bookstore (I work there). The 140 has mahogany trim, double matting and a medallion with the school logo. I was mistaken, though, there is a simpler one for about 75. Most universities order from this same supplier so the pricing is going to be about the same.

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Antique microwave

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