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What festivals and cultural events have you been looking forward to this summer?

Asked by cyndyh (7588points) May 7th, 2009

What major events happen near you? In your city or county? Do you go every year? Do you go once in a while? Or do you avoid that part of town like the plague during the event?

I’ve been looking forward to so many happening this summer. This Saturday is tugboat races and chowder tasting at the Maritime Festival in Seattle. So, what’s happening near you?

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Well, the Cherry Blossom Festival is over, so I’m out of planned events. But there is always something happening in or around DC. I kinda just stumble on things.

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De ja vu—————————————————————————>>>>>>>

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Gathering of the Vibes in CT. Its in July. Never been there. The Lineup can be found here
Went to Bonnaroo in 2004. What an awesome experience. Might go again next year, but it has become very commercialized.

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@Judi: Sorry, I guess I didn’t see that one a week ago. My bad.

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I look forward to taking my son to A Day Out With Thomas this June. I’m sure there’s a bunch of things going on in Philly that I don’t even know about.

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no problem. Others probably didn’t see it either.

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I am going to the Laguna Beach Arts Festival and Pageant of the Masters The pageant is amazing!

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the taste of chicago when it used to be called “chicagofest.” i was young and not a cop yet. now that the event attracts millions, it’s a working event for me and the thrill is gone. but yes, taste of chicago is high on the list of places to be in june and july.

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yep, the taste is on the list (weekday or early in the day else crowds make it somewhat unpleasant), milwaukee summer fest this year, the 4th somewhere, air and boat show on oak street beach

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@asmonet: I missed our Cherry Blossom Festival this year, but I went with my daughter to the Tulip festival for the first time. It was beautiful. There’s a summer Lavender Festival out on the peninsula that I’ve heard good things about, but I’ve never been. I’m going to try to make that this year, too.

@chris6137: Nice! Our summer is sandwiched between Northwest Folklife Festival on Memorial Day Weekend and Bumbershoot on Labor Day Weekend. These are “must sees” for us every year. I regret that I never went to Coachella when I lived a lot closer to it. I love music festivals of all kinds. A couple weekends back I had fun at the World Rhythm Festival which I’ll go to again. :^>

@casheroo: My kids are grown, but seeing that sort of thing makes me want grandkids sooner. :^>

@Judi: Do you wander around and look at art, watch the pageant, or do more of the participating?

@charliecompany34: That sounds nice. Do you get some time off to look around or do you just not want to anymore? Seattle has a food and wine event in the middle of the summer that I’ve managed to miss it so far each summer we’ve been here. I’ve always heard great things about it, and want to go this year.

Other things I’ve been looking forward to are Seafair including the Pirates Landing in West Seattle and Friday night free movies at the Mural. Summer is just packed here in a way that it wasn’t in my old town. I’m feeling it coming on. :^>

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@cyndyh ; my avatar is a watercolor painting that I commissioned from an artist I met at the festival. The art is amazing as well as the pageant.

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@avalmez: I’ve gotten a lot better with crowds in recent years. At least I’m no longer the poor mom with two kids stroller aged in a throng of people. It’s much easier to maneuver these days on my own with my fella. Another thing that makes a lot of the local events more manageable is that there are actual bathrooms here instead of portable chem-toilet booths everywhere like there are at some street fair type events in my old town. I will avoid those whenever I possibly can!

@Judi: Nice! The only trouble I have with things like that is that my taste is way too expensive. My husband will cover the price tag when he sees me eying something and then says, “Don’t ask”. :^>

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I have to cover the price tag for my hubby!

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Ha! Mine should be so lucky! :^>

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i’m going to warped tour for a few bands, but besides that there aren’t any festivals or big events i’m looking forward to yet.

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