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Why are we allowed to copy our music off our CDs to our PCs but we are not allowed to copy our films off our DVDs to our PCs?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) May 7th, 2009

A lot of ours

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I thought it was legal, as long as you don’t share or sell copies of it.

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you can! you just cant share them or sell pirated versions.

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I’ve heard other wise and they also encrypted the movies so I can’t.

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Because the market for pirated movies is larger than the market for pirated music. Movies will be popular worldwide and thus will be pirated more than music, which depending on what kind of music it is wouldn’t be as popular in every spot of the world. That’s my guess.

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Because Brad and Angelina need every cent they can get and they don’t want you sharing with your friends, they want everyone to buy their movies.

It is illegal to copy dvd’s for any reason here (Australia) but Handbrake does a good job on most.

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At least that is what I hear about Handbrake, I, of course, do not have any personal experience since I do not use it because it is illegal to copy my own property and I would not want to break the law.

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you can put a copy of music or a dvd on your computer no problem it is still your copy, but its considered piracy if you sell or share it.

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It’s legal. It’s just that the DVD companies intentionally make it as difficult as possible.

The standard for CDs came out at a time when people having 1GB of hard disk space and the processing power to copy a CD was a laughable concept. The standard for DVDs came out after the movie industry had learned from the mistakes of the music industry.

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