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Final Cut Help?

Asked by trumi (6486points) May 7th, 2009

First off, I’m cutting a piece with 4 video tracks overlapping, and the friggin’ things flicker like hell! But they do so consistently, flashing pieces of the other ones. The footage is fine, so it’s a problem with the overlaying? Do you know a filter that will fix this, or a setting I could change?

Second, I’m very profficient in iMovie but recently made the switch to Final Cut (Express) for obvious reasons – expect that it’s WAY HARDER!!! Do you know any free internet sources for help? I will break down and buy a manual soon, but in the meantime I need something to search through.

Please help!

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have you tried the Apple Final Cut discussion boards? They are usually quite helpful.

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are you sure that everything is rendered? thats what it sounds like your problem is. try highlighting all your clips and hitting “command R” then see if it will play. if that doesnt work try cutting out the parts of clips that are hidden by other clips.

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You can try reading through this tutorial but I would agree that it sounds like the effects haven’t been rendered yet.

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Nope, they’ve been rendered :)
It’s a glitch of some sort, I’m sure of it.

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Could be… why don’t you see if it’s a problem playing out in the timeline- set an in and out and export a QT movie and see if that has a flicker- that might at least rule something out.

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