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What is the best way to eat plain kiwi fruit?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) May 7th, 2009

My dad recommended peeling the skin off with a potato peeler, but that wasn’t very successful. What do you do?

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Cut it in half and scoop it out with a spoon. Easy peezy.

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with a straw

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@uberbatman Exactly what I was going to write. You beat me to the punch. Damn it!

You can also scoop it out and then slice it into chunks. Mix it with some bananas and other fruit. Etc. Yum!

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You can always cut it quarters and eat it like you would an orange..that’s worked for me as well.

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@uberbatman I just tried that and it worked great. Thanks!

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@boots no problem. I used to think eating kiwis was a huge PITA until i figured this trick out.

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I eat the whole thing, wash first and eat like an apple, or sliced.

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With your mouth, har har

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@Ivan That really doesn’t hold up…

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neither does your face

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@Ivan I’m rubber and you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.

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@uberbatman You stole my answer. I hate you. (Kidding. <3)

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Well, that’s just odd. Personally I used the peeler method last time I had a kiwi, but it’s true, it’s not that great. I think I’ll probably cut it into slices and then quarters next time.

On King of the Hill, Cotton Hill receives a fruit basket and says: Is that a kiwi in there? You know how I feel about hairy fruits!

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lurve for KoTH reference.

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My kids eat the whole kiwi—skin too-it’s all supposed to be amazingly good for you, as well as delicious.

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Chew thoroughly.

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I peel the skin with a paring knife and then slice the kiwi

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@YARNLADY You eat the hairy part? That’s interesting. I don’t like to even pick up a kiwi cuz it feels nasty in my hand…can’t imagine eating one.

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@knitfroggy I don’t think there is any hair left after it is washed. I think they are soft and very tasty. what I don’t get is how people can eat naked shrimp

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I eat the skin as well – it’s choc full of nutrients.

@YARNLADY: My exboyfriend is Chinese and doesn’t understand why people eat shrimp without the heads. He got me to eat one once, and, tbqh, I was not so sure I could do it, or would want to do it again!

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@YARNLADY I like my shrimp fully clothed also! I’ve never been one for a shrimp cocktail

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Cut in half, use a spoon to scoop out, or if you’re brave (or spoonless) just eat the halves and get your face messy. I don’t eat the hairy part, but I can stand having a bit in my mouth for a second while I scrape away at that succulent kiwi flesh.

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Peel and cut in half.

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With a knife and your mouth.

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