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Can one be patriotic without being political?

Asked by Strauss (20580points) May 8th, 2009

While I was reading this thread, I was reminded of a quote I had read long ago by some Roman writer, that said something to the effect that patriotism is love of country, not necessarily love of government or administration. Whaddya think?

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Yes, I believe that is true. The most patriotic thing we can do is to try to work to make our country operate more effectively, and we can do that by simply supporting local projects that lead to a better standard of living for everyone.

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You can be a soldier without being a congressman. Yes.

“ARMY: Body of men assembled to rectify the mistakes of diplomats.”

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I think it’s entirely possible to be patriotic without being political. ... Nice reference to the love of country, without necessarily having love of government or administration.

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It’s only when your patriotism is questioned because your political views differ from someone else’s that you run into trouble.

not that that’s ever happened. ::cough cough::

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I think sometimes a dislike/mistrust of a government/administration can be patriotism. If Americans didn’t love their country, they wouldn’t hate Bush so much for running it into a hole. They would’ve just moved to Canada or something. So I think you do have to be at least a little political in order to be patriotic, but only inasmuch as you should know/understand the basic politics of the government. You definitely don’t have to like it, though.

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Some would say that not being politcal is the most patriotic thing you could do.

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How is patriotism different from nationalism? And is it possible to argue that nationalism is apolitical?

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Patriotism, Nationalism, Jingoism. Same curd expressed differently.

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Of course you can be. Love for one’s country is quite unconditional, and is independent of who, or what, is messing up the administration.

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im very patriotic but very unpolitical at the same time mostly controversial I see America as what it could be a great nation, but then i see it as it is

over run with religious idiots who have half the knowledge than there credentials blinded by greed and every one complains but no one votes an different we are letting ourselves get ran over by standing in the middle of a freeway

every one votes republican then votes democrat then votes republican then votes democrat but no one stops to say hey…... what really the difference between the two and why do I keep getting pushed in this direction election year after election year

it makes no freaking sense don’t complain if your letting yourself get hit by a train

I want this to be a great country for my child i want to see a great future but i don’t because I think it is very unlikely people will change

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Many people are very patriotic without being at all political. I find that partisanship tends to blind people so that they see things only one way. They have to know a politician’s party affiliation before they can comment of the person’s actions; without the party label they don’t know whether to praise or criticize.

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