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I need a trustworthy mobile translation application?

Asked by Gray (1points) May 8th, 2009

I have a BlackBerry Storm and I need a mobile translation application. Please don’t recommend dictionaries because they are no good for me. Thanks :))

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Machine translation is by no means “trustworthy”, no matter what platform it is programmed for.

Even the “high-quality” corporate apps like Systran still amaze in terms of the garbage you get for output.

If you’re going for day-to-day simple stuff, you might want to bookmark some websites with applicable phrases. Machine translation will make you look like an _______ (insert derogatry term)

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Thank you, sandystrachan! I found one in these links and subscribed for it. The very fact that it requires payment and subscription makes me think that it is going to work well. (I subscribed for the email one but there is one for sms and another one for texts So far I have translated justsome emails but I am going to use it more as I travel a lot. I am going to tell you if it really works well when I come back and have more to say. Thank you again :)

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Glad to be of service . Hope they work for your needs.

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I promised to give you a more detailed review about the mobile translation application I just installed. I was right when I said that the fact that it requires paid subscription makes me think it is good. I used several laguage couples so far -Spanish to English, English to Portugese and Italian to English translation and I am very satisfied with the results. The translation is almost perfect and for every language couple there are topical dictionaries. I highly recommend this one if you need to communicate with foreign partners or clients.

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