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When you join Fluther, do they give you one of a kind avatar/picture?

Asked by f4a (601points) May 8th, 2009

i saw my avatar, is this the standard avatar here? because im planning not to change it, its kinda cute.

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If I remember correctly, there are two or three choices. It’s been a little while!

It’s one of the standard choices, if you like it, keep it – you look great as a jelly! Welcome to the collective. :)

Edited to add: Sleepy flutherite with wrong answer!

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13 defaults

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@uberbatman see what happens when I fluther while sleepy?

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@fish4answers, you can change your avatar if you wish.

Besides the 11 jellyfish and 1 cat provided “for free”, you can also upload your choice of up to 4 different pictures.

And you can change your avatar as frequently as you want.

Enjoy… and welcome!

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I didn’t know there were default avatars. When I came here from Askville, I just brought my squirrel with me as that’s who everyone knows me by & I like my furry little friend. So many have the same avatars here that it gets confusing & boring.

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There’s a bunch of preset avatars you can pick. I personally dislike when people keep using the stock avatars because I find it easy to use avatars as unique identifiers, thus it’s confusing when multiple users have the same default icon. Then again, it’s also confusing when people change their avatars, hence I really care most about the name and not the avatar. As always, do what you like :)

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@fishforanswers – welcome to fluther hope you enjoy your time here.

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Yes, but you must wait for the customized ones with great pixel density

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@Garebo, actually, no, you must’nt. Turns out when you upload a custom picture to Fluther, that automagically make a thumbnail copy to ensure fast page loads on the site.

For example, my avatar pic is actually small.

Even so, you still can get to the original, full-size uploaded photo if you edit the url to remove “_thumb” from just before ”.jpg”. Like this.

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