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Is Fluther the new

Asked by teresacuervo (30points) May 8th, 2009

I recently joined them, to be told that they will be shutting dowm

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But this is where many of the fine have landed.

Welcome aboard the collective train of love. Check out the guidelines and dive right in.

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In a way. It’s a touchy subject for some, though.

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way to be positive there @boots

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@boots no, not really. Both sites launched pretty much the same time. One failed, one didnt. Then half of came here.

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@uberbatman: True. It’s almost…Darwinian.

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There’s no use to be on now – it is not the of its olden golden times, lol…fluther is a bit different…welcome

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Welcome to Fluther!

There are some awesome Flutherites here who once frequented the site you mention.

Feel free to join the lurve fest and experience the joy that is Fluther.

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They are both Q&A sites, that have few things in common.

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What the heck is I keep seeing it all over the place on Fluther.

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@bright_eyes00 I wondered the same thing

@cprevite Thanks!

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Welcome to Fluther, where we don’t punctuate the middle of our wisdm errrr wisdom :).

Dive right in and have fun, we lurve you…

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I noticed that Fluther has finally gotten a Wikipedia article (there was none when I arrived here coming from, but the content sounds a little weird:

Pirates have been around as long as people have used the oceans as trade routes. The earliest documented instances of piracy are the exploits of the Sea Peoples who threatened the Aegean and Mediterranean in the 13th century BC.

Fluther is the term used in the 18th century for treasure and other ill gotten gains used for the purposes of purchasing an evening with a prostitute.

It is proposed that this article be deleted because of the following concern: Unlikely; no references.

Is any Flutherite a professional Wikipedia author and/or editor? I think something should be done.

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@mattbrowne that must have been put up literally in the last week or so, because I checked to see if there was one. I believe one of the mods is writing a real Fluther wikipedia entry.

that seems to be the work of a young rapscallion, intent on mischief.

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It looks like it was made this morning:
08:01, 8 May 2009 Hughlawton

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@mattbrowne & epony

Have you seen the Phony Wikipedia Entry Used By Worldwide Press article on Slashdot? It reopens the case on the reliability of Wiki…

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@eponymoushipster – I think we’re beyond blaming it on a disgruntled user ;-) and assume it was a young rapscallion unrelated to – maybe a Encyclopedia Britanica employee whose bonus was cut and he’s blaming Wikipedia. I hope the real Fluther article will follow soon.

@TaoSan – Interesting link, thanks!

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Kewl! More Newbies!

Welcome @bright_eyes00 and @Supacase!
_We lurve having you here!_f

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@mattbrowne i didn’t say anything about a; let’s not start problems here. i simply said that seems to be the work of a young rapscallion, intent on mischief.

there was no implication of affiliation.

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@TaoSan i wouldnt put that against wiki. More the retarded newpaper that didnt check their sources. Wiki should only be a guide, you still have to fact check and look at the sources.

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Fluther is a completely unique community, certainly not the “new” Each site has its own culture and flavour. The difference of course is that Fluther continues to succeed in its existence, whereas failed.

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I completely agree. I am generally very Wiki-friendly.

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Fluther is not unique, they took an idea that has been done hundreds of times across the internet and put their own spin on it…just like the people who made, askville, minekey, answerbag, etc.

Nevertheless, I like Fluther and I am happy here, it’s just not as revolutionary as some like to think.

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@J0E: I don’t think Fluther is revolutionary.

I think it’s done right.

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@uberbatman I’m aware. I meant that it’s being used by former wis.dmers to replace…

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@eponymoushipster – Of course you didn’t. Therefore I used the emoticon like this ;-) My attempt at humor…

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As you have likely gathered by now, Fluther isn’t new, and the two websites have next to nothing to do with one another.

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