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When you have that "void", what do you do to fill it?

Asked by Jude (32162points) May 8th, 2009

Whether it be that you miss having someone in your life, you’re bored and unhappy…

For me, it’s shopping. It makes me feel better for some reason..

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I must have Friends on, I must have Haagen-dazs (spelling?) Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice cream and I must have my partner with me

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I paint my mood onto canvas to dispell any emotional demons.

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<——- ::ahem::

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I play music and I exercise. I have to do something to take my mind off it. If i dont I will cry a lot and be very depressed and hurt.

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I knit. I can zone out while I’m knitting and settle myself. It makes me happy to be creating something.

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I make something. Usually I feel that way because I feel like I’m not actually creating anything (I’m a manager/organizer, so I don’t do much of anything tangible). So I do something that produces an actual physical thing – baking cookies, knitting, drawing – something I can look at and say “I did that!”

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I read. A lot.

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I fill my void with kraft macaroni and cheese.

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I take a long hike in the woods. Nothing like a little exercise and fresh air to clear the mind.

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Cheesh, you’re all so healthy/wholesome!

Whatever happened to booze, blackjack and hookers?

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@TaoSan 2 babies is what happened

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cookies are not exactly “healthy”.

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@TaoSan I didn’t say I wasn’t drunk while I was doing the knitting…

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point taken, lol

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I’m still recovering from my night of drunk fluthering ;)

knitfroggy's avatar

I’ve not tried the drunk fluthering yet…my drunk typing isn’t the best…

TaoSan's avatar


don’t do it lol. I once woke on my bed, pants halfway down, horrible hangover and my Fluther account deleted :/

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@knitfroggy Listen to Tao. He speaks the truth. I almost deleted my account too! lol

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So to come back to the question, is vicious account deleting an option to “fill the void”?

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@TaoSan I think that would deepen the void, considerably…

TaoSan's avatar

as my humble return would prove :)

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@TaoSan We are glad you made your humble return as it filled a fluther void.

While fluthering drunk can be dangerous I one painted an entire series of abstracts in one night while drunk- most of which sold.

I do not paint abstracts- not have I ever been able to paint a decent one since- drunk or sober.

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What void?

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I be smellin’ a troll.

Response moderated
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oh, the creepers are finally up I see

And Dog….. <333 ;)

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Don’t know what spresto said after jmah but I don’t see anything wrong with his/her first response. If anyone else had said “What void?” I doubt that person would be called a troll.

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@jonsblond I’ve seen their posts in other threads. Just thinking that maybe they were back to cause trouble again. My apologies..

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crossthreadgrudging :D

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@jmah No need to apologize. I’ve noticed intelligent answers from spresto too is all.

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@jonsblond: I actually read an intelligent answer from @spresto a few minutes ago.

Hurt my neck doing the double-take

although it was encouraging

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B&*!@ is just such a strong word in the morning! :)

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Potato chips, diet cherry coke and a video. Or, more healthily, a long phone call with a friend.

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My dogs fill the void, the 2 oldies to snuggle with or depending on my mood, the young crazy one to take for a wild ride. I hook her bungee lead to the front of my bike and off we go, through the bush chasing wallabies or cockatoos, up dirt tracks bouncing over rocks and logs. It is better than the rides at an amusement park. I gotta start wearing a helmet!

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I have trouble finding any void in my life. I often read people are bored and don’t know what to do, and that concept is entirely foreign to me. I have so much to do I sometimes flit from one thing to another. I even left the ice out (oops) because I went to attend to the laundry.

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I don’t know about void but when overwhelmed by a disappointment that looms to spoil everything else I’m working on then I clean house, wear myself out with exercise, groom like a chimp and then decide if I’m suitable company for anyone else around me.

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Generally, if I get extremely bad, I can’t motivate myself to do anything so sitting around and listening to music is my highest priority. I don’t eat, because I don’t get hungry. I don’t shop, because it becomes boring. I read, too. They don’t really make me feel better, though… They’re just escapes.

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Penises usually fill my void.

Sometimes sad, but true.

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penises, those are good too

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i listen to a whole lot of bright eyes. and i go on we heart it or a softer world. anything that inspires me. also, i sleep.

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Buying books, writing, eating, going shooting… any number of things.

turning inward and crying

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