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I'm allergic to what?

Asked by bright_eyes00 (1343points) May 8th, 2009

I’ve never had food allergies ever. But recently whenever I eat crab (from various places) I get these strange hot flashes and my head will swoon and I’ll start to feel nauseous. Does that mean I’m allergic to crab? Are you allergic to anything? What food allegies do you have and what are your symptoms?

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It is possible. Adult onset food allergies are fairly common.

I became allergic to wine when I about 27. it was a sad day
Same symptoms as you describe.

Go see your doctor, they may be able to test for it.

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Sounds like you may be. An allergist can figure out for sure if you are.

I can’t list all my allergies here because I don’t have enough space, but my allergies are so bad that even my dog has allergies.

My symptoms depend on the allergen: asthma, stuffy nose, bright red face, dizzyness, skin rash, upset stomach, hives, and more.

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You shouldn’t eat any more crab until you talk to your doctor. Next time you could have a worse reaction, that would be horrible.

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Sadly, I became allergic to peanuts around January of this year (before this I wasn’t allergic to anything). I am still not used to it and I keep forgetting! And you also don’t realize how many of your snacks/restaurants use peanuts/peanut oil until you start breaking out :(. Currently, all that happens to me is I get “bumps” on my face. They get there 5 min after eating peanuts and used to last about 1–2 hours. But I ate a burger made in peanut oil last weekend ( mistake, I am not suicidal, I promise) and I woke up with bumps even the next day so it seems they are getting worse. Pretty soon I will have to carry an Epi pen around because I don’t trust my absent mindedness to keep me alive.

Sorry about your possible crab allergy. My peanuts allergy makes me really sad so I hope you aren’t actually allergic and that something else is going on.

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I became allergic to onions when I was in high school. It was TRAGIC because I love onions. I’m only allergic to raw ones, though. If they’re thoroughly cooked, I’m fine. Otherwise, my throat pretty much closes up.

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To what am I allergic :)

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I’m allergic to many things, I had to move out of an apartment my husband and I lived in because my body detected the massive amounts of mold. We never saw the mold, but me living on benedryl, not being able to breathe..for an entire summer, was pretty indicative of it.
I had that allergy test and was on the verge of asthma because of how bad my allergies had become.
Weird thing though, I stopped all medications while pregnant and haven’t needed them since. Sometimes I take over the counter allergy meds, especially if someone mows the lawn (I can’t be anywhere near that or I get very ill)

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Go to an allergist. They will do tests to identify what component is causing your allergies, and to identify if it’s only crab or all shellfish etc. Indeed, allergies can develop spontaneously in one’s life, and it seems crab is now deemed as an intruder by your body and thus your body reacts appropriately. I am glad to have no allergies so far in my life, we’ll see how long this lasts :)

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I am allergic to nothing. An allergist…

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Allergies SUCK. Especially food allergies. Im allergic to every kind of nut hoorayyyy lol. Its horrible, and not because its like damn i wish i could eat a reese’s but more like mannnnn i really wish i didnt have to constantly ask whats in my food for fear of possibly dying later on this evening lol. Id recommend carring benedryl with you for now on though, youll never know when you may need it.

Aside from the food allergies, im also allergic to every type of tree/grass that grows in NJ, dust, mold, all furry animals, ect ect. Yea…. allergies suck lol.

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Soy, and citrus. Soy is in fucking everything. You know when a box/bag/can label says vegitable oil, it almost always means soybean oil? Everything has vegitable oil, soy protein isolate, or soy lechetin (may have mispelled that) in it. Most restaurants use it to deep fry.

I get a reaction similar to what you describe, as well as hives, an itchy throat and mouth, asthma attacks, and digestive distress….severity depends on how much of it I consume.

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@3or4monsters aww mann that sucks. I always felt bad for the people with soy allergies, that shit really is everywhere. At least your reaction isnt that bad.

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@uberbatman yeah, it could be worse. Most of the time it’s just annoying, though I do know that half a cup of soymilk is enough to make my throat want to close up. But it’s not hard to avoid soymilk, and everything else is just an annoying itch.

I’m more sad about citrus. I no can has clementines. :(

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@3or4monsters oh man, clementines are the poop. I could eat a whole box of them in one sitting. I think i may be devolving a citrus allergy too though :( last three times i had mandarin oranges my throat felt like it was closing and i had an itchy throat/mouth.

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Yes, you are allergic to crab, and if you tried lobster you will probably have the same reaction-shellfish.

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Food Allergies sucks. I became sensitive to mandarin oranges, I get gastric pains. Bananas, dairy products, eggs, chocolate (woe is me!!!) and sugar triggers off major phlegm production and coughing and wheezing.

I had full body hives years ago after eating crab and the roe. I looked like one big mosquito bite. Antihistamines and cold showers helped a lot.

I carry antihistamines when I travel just in case.

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I got hives from a high powered New Guinea brew of Kava, and it is the only time in my life have I ever had hives. I watched my brother turn into lobster man after devouring a huge lobster in Cape Cod. Shell fish really get some people, I have learned I have subtle and not so subtle reactions to anything grown in volcanic southern latitudes.

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