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Ever find it weird thinking everyone has sex ?

Asked by kayysamm (435points) May 8th, 2009

Okay, yes everyone knows that everyone has sex. But as a kid did you ever wonder or think about your parents having sex and be like ’ ew thats so gross they are too old for that.’

Or being a parent and thinking of your child having sex all you think is oh gosh they are too young for that.

I find it funnny how that works out, why is that ?

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i just try not to think about it. i know it happens like everyone uses the bathroom but i dont want to think about that either. :)

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When I was about 20 I was playing some cards with my aunt and my grandma. Somehow the topic of sex arose. My aunt asked my grandma how long had it been since she’d had sex. My grandma thought about it and said, about three years. I about died. I couldn’t even imagine my beloved grandma had been screwing as recently as three years earlier. I told her that was really gross, that she wasn’t supposed to be doing it, she was too old. She said, “I know, that’s why I quit doing it!” It would gross me out to think of my parents doing it…but my grandparents…that’s too much.

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Wait, @knitfroggy, you were 20 when you said that?!

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I always feel sorry for the poor bastard who walks in on his parents.

But guess it’s people like that keep the professional counseling industry afloat. :D

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@Jayne Yes…I know…but it was so weird to me! I couldn’t imagine my grandparents having sex! In my defense, my aunt thought it was pretty gross too…

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only if they know i’m watching. wonka wonka wonka.

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Well, not everyone has sex. But probably most people who have a child did at least once.

I just try not to think about it; my answer is ditto what @bright_eyes00 said…same with the bathroom thing…ewww…

(It probably happens because you only want to picture people you’re attracted to having sex. Anyone else is just gross or weird—especially someone you’re related to, which most likely relates to our kind of natural instincts to not be attracted to someone we’re related to).

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When I was about thirteen or fourteen years old, two of my cousins and I were helping our gramma with spring cleaning. We were working on the bathroom and she pulls this huge dildo out from under the sink and goes, “Well, I guess those days are over!” and threw it out. My cousins were completely grossed out. I just thought it was sad that ‘those days [were] over’ for her.

Follow-up: A couple of years ago, my younger cousin and I were helping with spring cleaning again. The dildo was still there. Or was there again, I suppose. My cousin was grossed out again. I just laughed.

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Make that everyone else.

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Our two daughters (especially the youngest one) always say we only had sex twice, & it was very clinical. LOL. I think it’s great when older people have sex. Where is the age cut off? There IS none. If you want it & can, do it! You younger people just don’t get it. You will someday, hopefully.

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@MacBean: Stop volunteering to help clean.

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@MacBean that story made my weiner sad.

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I think it is especially weird when certain folks have kids who are awkward or goofy in some way. They had to make those kids by having sex presumably. I wouldn’t think they would even know how to do it right. How hilarious were the looks on their faces?

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@Dansedescygnes – You’re right, I think, about people only wanting to imagine people they’re attracted to having sex.

The pastor of the church I attended as a child had a wife and six children. The children took after their father, appearance-wise. Mrs Pastor was quite heavy, her under-bite was severe enough that her lower jaw jutted out, and her teeth weren’t the best. Apparently, he was rather taken with her, regardless of how unattractive we thought she was. We’d gross ourselves out on purpose, the way tweens do, speculating as to why anyone as handsome as Mr Pastor would do the nasty with Mrs Pastor. Always out of earshot of any of them, of course.

We were mean kids sometimes.

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What @Dansedescygnes said. Not everyone has sex.
Bit of an obvious point, but it had to be said.

I can’t be the only 21 year old virgin here, either.

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I have this mental tic, call it a product of my OCD, whereby I cannot help trying to imagine a couple having sex. It doesn’t happen all the time, and it doesn’t really bother me that much.. It’s more like I have to picture it being feasible or something in order for my mind to be totally okay with two people having chosen each other.

But.. I’m weird.

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The thought of my parens having sex doesn’t gross me out; the thought of my kids having sex doesn’t at all bother me, I hope they do

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Ok well the thought of my parents having sex does not gross me out, its a natural thing and me and my mum have a really good relationship and are more like friends then mother and daughter so we do sometimes talk about that stuff.
As for children well i dont have any so i wouldnt know what its like to think about that but i would love to think that if i ever have kids we would have the same relationship as the one my mother and i have.

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@aprilsimnel Maybe he puts a bag over her head????

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I know far too well that my parents have an active sex life shudders
I don’t imagine everyone having sex. It’s not how my mind works I guess. But, yes, people will and do have sex.

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Who cares how it works out. We like sex, because man is a sexual being. Its all about the genetic material baby!

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Speak for yourself, some people are asexual meaning they don’t have sex.

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I don’t think that is the correct term sweety.

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@spresto asexual (via) not having or involving sex;

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@eponymoushipster The term is not a preference it is a condition of reproduction. Unless she has figured something out that no other human has (Sperm banks are good example) she is using the wrong term.

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Boom…boom…boom boom. FAIL!

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@cprevite—I don’t volunteer. The first time my parents made me, and the second time gramma asked. Can’t say no to her!

@jbfletcherfan—I agree with you! I ‘get it’! Don’t lump me with the rest of the young’uns! XD

@sprestoThe fail is yours.

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My guess would be that we think of it as such an intimate thing that it’s hard for us to imagine anyone else doing it. We don’t want to imagine it happening between friends and family because we’d rather leave that intimacy alone. It’s different if it’s a nameless porn star. We would have just as hard a time wrapping our heads around John Holmes being a kindergarten teacher. Maybe the real world and the bedroom world aren’t meant to mix.

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@MacBean You’re excluded, for sure. I can tell you ‘get it’. I enjoyed your post & was laughing out loud. I love your grandma, LOL.

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My parents don’t!
(lalalalalalala….I can’t hear you…..lalallalalala)

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@MacBean apparently you’re grandma can’t say no either…

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lol4rl @eponymoushipster & @jbfletcherfan: My gramma is the best. :D

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as a person providing social services to clients, i sometimes ask parents when their kids are adolescents if they know if the kids are having sex, and it’s funny, because 9 times out of 10 the parents will be like “noooooo, she doesn’t do that.” they don’t want to think of their child having sex. meanwhile i know when i was 14 i was fucking like a rabbit.

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I often see people with kids and, secretly, to myself, think “WHO FUCKED YOU?”

I’m not proud of it, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

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@TitsMcGhee I know exactly what you mean. I guess that old saying that there is someone for everyone holds true, even if it’s scary sometimes! :)

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@knitfroggy: Along those same lines, I see couples together and judge them based on if they have equal levels of attractiveness. Another kind awful thing I do, but sometimes I just want to run up to some of these people and grab their shoulders and say “You are WAY too hot to be with him/her!”

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@TitsMcGhee & @knitfroggy….LOL, I agree with both of you.

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@TitsMcGhee: I love it. Me too.

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Eww the thought of my parents having sex gross me out. I don’t care if kids have sex. Hey have all the kind of sex you want,but old people-wow disgusting

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@izzyrockz Typical narrow-minded thinking. And at just what age should it be cut off? At what age do YOU want to be when you no longer have sex with someone you love because you’re at a certain age? Hmmm???

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Yeah. When I realized that mom & grandma have (or had) sex It was weird.
Just the thought alone was a bit much. Kind of made me mad when I was a kid….
I wonder is that weird? Is that ridiculous I got angry knowing mom was having sex.
Then, that made me think…..... “Does grandma have sex too?”
Pure, Wholesome, Gentle Grand-Ma?!

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I only think it’s weird when I see a really, really fat couple, like obese, at the mall. I think: “they must do it, they got kids, right”? But how do they do it? It looks physically impossible…that’s what I get grossed out dreaming up the dynamics of it all…

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@qualitycontrol Well, as the old saying goes, roll her in flour & look for the wet spot!!

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@eponymoushipster LOLLLLLL. ;-)

It was also once described to me by a friend as being like a monkey on a football. Whichever way you want to think of it. Or maybe you don’t

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i don’t, thanks. <shudder>

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Hahaaaa, I hear you.

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when i see couples where one is way more attractive then the other, i think to myself that the lesser attractive one must have something going for himself or herself. either he or she has a lot of money, is really good in bed, big penis, there’s got to be some reason why the better looking one is with the lesser attractive one. maybe it’s not right to think like that but i’m being honest.

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either he or she has a lot of money, is really good in bed, big penis, there’s got to be some reason why the better looking one is with the lesser attractive one.

That makes me sad. I always just think one or both of them must be really nice and I’d like to get to know them to find out.

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@MacBean: I agree with you. Seems to cynical to think otherwise.

Unless, of course, one of them is 75 and well kept and the other is 25 and built like a brick…

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I think of sex as completely natural and not taboo at all so I don’t think too young or too old

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