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Would you be surprised if Pyramids were in fact proven without a doubt to be on Mars?

Asked by GAMBIT (3852points) May 8th, 2009
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Well I would be surprised because Pyramids (capital P) equals Egyptians, thus pyramids on Mars would imply there were Egyptians on Mars at some point. If however we found some type of general construction on Mars which resembled but was not Earth Egyptian (or Mayan. etc) pyramids, I would be amazed and surprised. I’d be immediately suspicious, because there aren’t other traces of life on Mars, but if they were proven to be of Martian origin then I would accept it as being supporting proof towards the theory that there was once intelligent life on Mars.

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@dynamicduo – I was glad to see you were answering this one. Thanks

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Yeah, I would be.

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The above being said the discovery of any structures on other planets would not surprise me. In fact they would be fascinating!

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@Dog – yes I would be fascinated also and would want to know more about how they got there and when they were constructed.

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I hope we do not find any evidence of life on Mars, what so ever. The idea that life might be so common as to happen twice in one solar system makes me uneasy.

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I agree with @Dog. I would be fascinated if we found any kind of structure on another planet.

@MrMeltedCrayon: Why does the idea make you uneasy?

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I don’t get the question. Are you asking about the Pyramids of Egypt being proven to be on Mars? That would certainly be impossible, since my parents have been to the Pyramids, and I can assure you they are in Egypt. My dad even went into one of them. They have been right there for thousands of years and have not moved an inch.

Now if you were referring to the famous pyramids of Cydonia, then again I’d be surprised, because even though the first pictures taken by Viking 1 in 1976 seemed to show man-made structures (including the famous “Face” on Mars), much more recent pictures from the Mars Global Surveyor have proven that these formations were natural. I have been convinced that what I can see in the more recent images is NOT man-made. So, unless there is some sinister NASA conspiracy at work, there is no evidence of intelligent life on Mars so far.

@MrMeltedCrayon I think that life elsewhere in the solar system is already pretty evident, though not proven. If by “life” you mean fungi and algae and perhaps a worm or two. I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before some terran spaceship comes back with a killer virus from Europa or Callisto or something. But intelligent lifeforms, and little green men in flying saucers? No, that’s too far fetched, and I doubt there’s even such a civilisation in our whole galaxy.

Also another link I found about the Face on Mars:

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@Jack79 – it is only a question like any other.

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Oh, another Stargate recently discovered. That would explain a lot.

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Oh, man! I want, more than anything, for pyramids, or some other sign of intelligent life to be found in our solar system. But yes, I would be terribly surprised. Scared, too.

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I’d be very surprised. I’m not sure just how much of Mars has been photographed or seen by human eyes by some means, but I think it’s a large portion. Possibly all of it- I’m obnoxiously uninformed about our history with space… Anyway, so if we have never before seen such handmade structures, a pyramid (like built with bricks or something?) suddenly popped up, I’d be very surprised. Pleasantly surprised, and intrigued.

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@Jack79: I meant “life” as in microbes, etc.

@cprevite: I have tried several times now to put what I’m thinking into words and actually have it makes sense at the same time. I read an article once (In Science, unless I’m mistaken, though I’m having a hard time finding the issue because I don’t quite recall when I read it), that basically implied that if life is exceptionally uncommon, many of the hurdles and major adaptations needed for it to become successful most likely already occurred in our past. The article referred to these hurdles as Great Filters, or barriers, or something along that line. I’m really gonna have to find that article again, because it’s bugging the hell out of me!

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I would be surprised. Not because it would prove life has existed on Mars. I would be surprised since mars has weather similar in ways we have on Earh, and they should be degraded to mounds, and that would mean that there would have been intelligent life on Mars quite recent. Maybe it was the Neanderthals. I guess they had enough, and went away. There should be a bowl left behind somewhere inscribed with “So Long, and Thanks for All the Mammoths”

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Mars is proven to have a lot of sandstorms. Over time, those can make for some pretty interesting rock formations; you can see lots of them in the American southwest. So I don’t suppose it would surprise me all that much. Now, if there were an Aztec priest standing on top of it with a butcher knife and a virgin, that would surprise me.

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@IchtheosaurusRex – That would be surprising.

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@IchtheosaurusRex Not to mention how surprised the virgin must be.

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Think about how when people from the Mediterranean finally stumbled upon South America and saw the pyramids there…

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surprised and also erotically excited.

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Not a whit. See Dark Mission by Richard Hoagland.

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Anything is possible, even an organism that builds pyramids (no doubt to lay its eggs in) on Mars. Whether it is probable, is another thing.

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Pyramid type buildings are very common in various parts of the Earth, from several different civilizations. It is conceivable that if there was tool using creatures on Mars, they could have come up with the idea. It is more likley, however, that a perfectly normal weather pattern could also have created a pyramid shape. For an example, look at the hills around Pyramid Lake in California.

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Yarnlady has a good point about that. The Pyramids in Egypt (and other places in the Mediterranean, eg Assyria, Greece and Babylonia) look very similar to those in S.America, except that the two civilisations had no contact with each other while building them. Pyramids simply make sense, because they don’t fall easily. And of course so do towers, exactly because they do (and making them stand is an accomplishment). Just look at any human child playing with bricks.

I’m still not sure if Gambit is referring to the actual Pyramids in Egypt or to the natural ones in Cydonia.

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@Jack79 – Hi Jack, I was not refering to the Pyramids in Egypt. I was talking about pyramids in general. Thanks

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I second @YARNLADY; the architectural form of the pyramid (stepped or otherwise) has been found in many cultures. If they were on Mars, I would wonder why nothing else is there.

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