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Anybody tried Z-Quiet or similar mouthpiece?

Asked by soethe6 (537points) May 8th, 2009

I wear a night guard for tooth-grinding anyway, so I thought I might try one that also aims to stop snoring, save my partner the trouble of earplugs. The only one I know of is called Z Quiet

Anybody tried it? Tried other products that do the same thing? (What attracts me to this one is the fact that you don’t have to boil water and “fit” it to your teeth; I’ve never had good results from doing that.)

Thanks to anyone with positive or negative experiences with this or similar products!

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It works! I’ve been using it for about 2 months now. The only complaint I have is that sometimes when I wake up my jaw hurts a little but it goes away pretty quickly. I know that it works not only because my husband has told me that I no longer snore but I have also been waking up feeling rested. I used to wake up with headaches and feeling tired all the time but now I feel rested and haven’t had a headache since I started using it.

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it is an AWESOME product! my husband no longer snores at night! Of course, the only bad thing is it doesn’t work for more than about 3 months and then you have to replace it…which explains why they sell 2 as a bundle pack, if you can afford it. But it is well worth the money!! plus he says we wakes up feeling rested

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I tried Z Quiet, the device is too hard, ill fitting and it hurt my jaw. Now I am having problems with my jaw. I may sue the company for false advertising. They refused to refund my money even though I was completely dissatified with the product. A total rip off, tell everyone they suck.

Thank you! MC Hammer

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i have made by my sleeping problem doctor/dentist for sleep apnea and really you are ready in a few seconds to sleep.CPAP dont work for so many reasons,,bothersome in traveling,very hard to setup and you look like in a life support machine,,takes so long before you can readily sleep,and wonder if this ZQ really works,,,they are advertising on TV for $9.95.

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I’ve tried ZQuite for two months. I paid $ 50.00 in an special offer on television. I regreat that because my teeth have been moving far enough that I can see gaps. Not only that, but,these movement has affected one of my crowns and I will probably need a root canal. I never had a loose teeth and now I have one in the front bottom., and also all my teeth are tender. I believe this is because of the pressure ZQuite effects.

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I’ve tried Z Quiet. It has loosened my bottom teeth. I had to stop using it. It is not for everyone. I’ve never had loose teeth before. I’m too young to have that happen to me. If you are experiencing this, I would suggest to stop using it.

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I have used ZQuiet for several months now, and need to discontinue it’s use. While it did curb the snoring, my bottom front teeth have moved considerably and do feel loose. I will now go the correct route and contact my Dr. for a sleep study and if I get another mouthpiece it will be fitted for my teeth and their alignment. Not sure if the effects of loose and moving teeth will be permanent, let’s hope not! I don’t think this device is save for the health of your teeth and jaw alignment.

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The product is a scam, as well as the company that promotes it. It is virtually impossible to mold it to the inside shape of your mouth, or teeth bite. The plastic is too rigid and although it softens a little when soaked in warm water, as their instructions recommend, it’s not enough for a good fit. I tried it for 3 weeks and it kept slipping out of my mouth in the middle of the night. So… no problem, just return it and get at least some of my money back, right? Wrong! When you place the order they don’t tell you the 30 day trial clock starts ticking the moment you place the order, not when you actually receive it. And of course they don’t use next day or even second day delivery so a week goes by before you get to actually try out. So, even though I only had it for 3 weeks, when I called to return it I was told I was beyond the 30 day trial window and there was nothing they could do about it. In other words, I was S.O.L.
I would not recommend this product, not just because of the poor customer service/support, but because realistically only a custom made and fitted mouth piece will ever work. In hind sight, I should have never expected something that you are going to put inside your mouth, like this product, to be a one-size-fits-all.
Live and learn.

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I also had the problem of it loosening one of my bottom front teeth, so I stopped using it. Fortunately, my tooth tightened back up after awhile. The device also caused me to salivate a lot, making it very unpleasant and difficult to fall asleep.

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