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When you were in elementary school, like 1st or 2nd grade, what was your favorite classroom activity?

Asked by mushisquishi (61points) May 8th, 2009

Of course, we all loved recess, but what moments in the classroom stand out to you?

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peeking into my math teacher’s blouse

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learning mnemonics. i still remember them today.

My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. (man, I miss poor Pluto)

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Each week in the second grade, my teacher would pick a student to be in charge of different things. Part of being the picked child meant that everyone had to write something they liked about you on a star, you got to read them and keep them, it was alot of fun.

Also, my teacher made mailboxes out of cardboard milk cartons and it was fun being in charge of distributing the “mail”.

And we had to do timed times tables and once you finished a group within a good time you got to pick prizes.

Can you tell I loved 2nd grade! My teacher was awesome.

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i can not remember. my memory does not reach that far back

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Me and Ralph Wiggum ate paste together all the time in first grade.

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I used to eat that liquid glue—no doubt made out of horses’ hoofs. It was yummy, but…why did I do it?

When I was in second grade, I remember wanting to stand up on the desk and scream—out of boredom.

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Art and music periods! We’d carve designs in potatoes, dip them in tempura paints and “print” them on burlap, draw still lifes with couloured pencils and painted in watercolours. And for music, we’d have all these hand-held instruments and sing goofy folk songs like Going to the Zoo.

A couple that stand out in my memory in particular were a idiotic faux-Mexican song about a donkey that talks and walks and eats with a knife and fork, and an African song (not Kumbayah), where we got to play thumb pianos. It sounded like “wats-cha (lalalalala) wats-cha (lalalalala) wats-cha (lalalalala)”. I had no idea what it was on about, but it was fun to sing.

I was in 2nd grade in 1976, and my whole class (probably the whole school) got to hear the ecstatic cheers that went up when Hank Aaron hit a home run at an afternoon game. It may have been his last one before retiring, I’m not sure. My elementary school wasn’t that far from the old County Stadium.

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I always loved art and gym, especially art because I am studying graphic design 13 years later in college :)

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Music. I loved playing the recorder. The song I remember singing that sticks in my memory the most is “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.” Did I mention I have not a molecule of musical talent in my entire body?

Side note: our gym teacher’s name was Mr. Locker.

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Art period. the art teacher would come into class with her art cart; I think it was once a week. She would say,“Good morning class” and we would have to answer, “Good morning, Mrs. Broomall.” I really enjoyed all the cutting, pasting and making of various projects.

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I loved music and art. In art, I loved when we would paint. It was so much fun..

Music was fun, she used to have us sing Beatles music.

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2nd grade- Boys.
1st grade- Art, using a computer to write a book. It was like, one of the first computers ever probably haha.

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SSR-Silent Sustained Reading

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In my first grade Reading class, there was one day a week where we got to write our own books. We would write all of the pages, make a construction paper cover, and our teacher would help us staple them all together into a real book – I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

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In the first grade I use to love art class. It would be so much fun making projects and painting each others hands. Memories never fade away.

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