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What are some good ways to increase my energy?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) May 9th, 2009 from iPhone

I often find that sometimes I run low on energy, which inhibits me from doing demanding tasks. What are some effective ways to increase a person’s energy level?

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I would say regular exercise. Preferrably with someone else, to keep you from dropping it.

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It all begins with a healthy foundation… nutrition, hydration, fitness, and sleep. Start by optimizing those basic needs and it will probably do the trick for you (especially since I have the impression that you are young).

If you still get sluggish even though you sleep plenty, eat well, get lots of nonalcoholic and caffeine-free beverages, and are physically active on a regular basis, consult a physician and exmine your family history. Perhaps there is a genetic predisposition to some condition that could be at fault… it could be as simple as a vitamin deficiency because your body doesn’t process things the same way as most, for example. But you (and we) can’t know that, so a physician may want to do some basic tests and then go from there.

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I take b12. It keeps me going.

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Once you’ve covered all the basics (see comments above) here are a couple of extras that come to mind:

- meet other interesting people (in real life too, not only on Fluther)
– surprise and stimulate your brain (e.g. by reading an unusual book, travel to a place you’ve not been to before, visit a museum)
– look for a new challenge and seek delayed gratification
– learn a foreign language (I’m not kidding)
– also take pleasure in the little things of life

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I totally agree with the B12. Another thing is to have your iron level checked. It is not as big of an issue with men as with women, but it can seriously drag you down if it is even a little low.

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