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Does upgrading the iPhoneOS reset all apps?

Asked by bomyne (636points) May 9th, 2009

iPhone OS 3 is just around the corner. Will upgrading to it reset my applications? (such as the Blizzard Mobile Authenticator)

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Well, there isn’t much to go on, since there were no Apps when the OS 2.0 upgrade was released. The more recent smaller upgrades haven’t even reorganized my Apps.

At worst, when you upgrade you will have a clean hard drive, and then the Restore option will be offered to add your Contacts, Calendar, Music, Email, and Applications as they were on your previous backup – so Sync the iPhone immediately prior to performing the upgrade. iTunes has a list of all the Apps you’ve purchased, so even if you need to start from scratch, it’s as simple as checkng the Apps you want on the iPhone in iTunes and Syncing, then arranging the icons where you like them.

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When is the OS 3 coming out?

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@essieness: I haven’t looked into it lately. Last I heard, Apple was saying in the “summer”. Some are hoping for June, others postulate that it could be later. Apple is usually pretty mum about these things.

I am also hopeful that the rumors of a 3rd Generation iPhone will be released within the next 3–4 months to coincide with OS 3. I still have my 1st Gen. which has served me quite well, I didn’t perceive the 2nd Gen. to be substantial enough of an improvement to justify the expense; but the speculated upgrades in the 3rd Gen. may make it worthwhile.

Time will tell… (The secrecy is probably my biggest beef with Apple)

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”(The secrecy is probably my biggest beef with Apple)”

Apple isn’t the only one. Blizzard Entertainment does the same.

I think it’s more of a “cut down the complaining” factor. If they don’t give a release date or don’t give information they are unsure about, there’ll be no disappointments or whining when the release date isn’t met, or a feature didn’t arrive.

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