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Any architects here? can anyone give me the list of subjects they take up in college?

Asked by f4a (601points) May 9th, 2009

what are the subjects and tell me more about it. i want to know if im going to pursue it, if im capable to become a good architect. thanks

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I think it’s better to talk to working architects. Why? Architecture school is known for being awesome. Basically you spend your time expanding your creative horizons by doing lots of design classes where you have lots of freedom but being an architect is usually less fun than school because a lot of architects end up wanting to do really creative things but their clients make that impossible.

At my school you take ALOT of design and studio classes. But you also take classes on architectural history and they physical construction of structures (wood, steel, etc), computer graphics, math through calculus, and some physics.

(I’m not an architecture student but I very seriously considered it).

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