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How to write a sponsership letter?

Asked by hunain (3points) May 9th, 2009

im a student of mechanical engineering and few of my friends have made a society by the name DEVELOPERS which is official university society wihich encourages students to come up with projects relating to mechanical engineering. This society will also give funds to the students to fabricate their projects and in august an exhibition will be held to showcase their projects.As a head of a marketing team its my job to appraoch companies both engineering and consumer/general for sponsership and ask them to fund us to we can fund the students and for that i have to write a letter. I need your help.i have to write a letter in such a way that would convince them to give us fund or if not satisfied atleast give us time to give them presentation.

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I have written several letters like this.

First thing and very importantly. You will need a copy of your budget. You need to itemize it. If you don’t know how look it up or ask for help. Attach this to your letter along with your tax ID number (can obtain from university) and where they can send checks to.

In your letter there are important essential elements:
You want to state what your organization is.
You want to state why your organization is important to the local community and why it is important in general.
You want to state what your organization needs money for and that you have attached a budget.
You need to state how local companies can help (ex: monetary donations or in-kind/supply donations).
You need to state how you will help them. Perhaps you will send out an annual newsletter with companies names on it to help advertise your contributors.

Remember that probably only 10% of people you send letters to will respond favorably. You can increase that response by following up with phone calls.

Feel free to ask me more questions on this.

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