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Are you having issues with Internet Explorer 8?

Asked by ram201pa (606points) May 9th, 2009

Since downloading 8, I can not answer any of the questions asked on this website. I type the response, click answer, and nothing. I also noticed quirkey things on other websites.

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Hmmm…no problems here with IE8. But I’d downloaded the new Outlook Express & it wouldn’t let me open picture attachments. So I went back to the older version. But no, IE8 is good for me. Sorry you’re having a bad time with it. You might need to delete it & go back to 7.

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You need to click the “compatibilty view” button which is on the end of the address bar (it looks like a page with a jagged line through it.

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Thanks, LightlySeared, you are a life saver. Looks like the issue was between the keyboard and the chair. Ha!

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you could also get a better browser, like chrome or firefox

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@ram201pa – not really, if I understand correctly, the “compatibility view” makes IE display Fluther like IE 7 did it. In other words, something in IE 8’s rendering broke Fluther so you’ll have to work around that problem (as long as it isn’t fixed on either side) by this. Not really your fault.

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IE8 actually sticks more closely to web standards than IE7 and earlier did. Developers got into the habit of writing web pages to display porperly on IE7 and now that Microsoft have made it behav properly it’s screwed everything up a bit.

You won’t always see the little button as the web page can tell IE8 to automatically switch to IE7 mode.

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I had issues with IE7 so I switched to Firefox 3.x. No issues now at all.

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Same issue here. Compatability thingy fixed it. NOw I hope it fixes Flickchart…

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