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well, it depends, it’s both UNIX core right ? but the thing is that Mac os is more geared towards average and even tech savvy users, while most linux distro’s are a bit more hassle

i’ve been playing around with Ubuntu for a bit, but i still think i would get my parents a mac instead, it’s not about better, it’s about more usefull

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@iwamoto I’m with you there. There’s no way I could give my parents a computer with Ubuntu and expect them to have any success with it.

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Depends on your needs and interests. If you like to tinker and control every pixel on the screen the Linux is a good option. If you just want to use your computer with high polish and a minimum of fuss, then OS X can’t be beat. But Linux can still be relatively easy sometimes and OS X can be very powerful. I’m a very technical user and am still overwhelmed by Linux most of the time. There are just so many different distros and desktop managers and software packages and package managers and… I just go back to my Mac and get to work.

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good thing there’s virtualbox that let’s you mess around as much as you want, i even ran Sugar on it last week, that’s the best educational distro i’ve seen ever

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Get a Vista box and throw either Windows 7 or XP on it. Hell you can also throw ubuntu on it too.

More powerful
More functional
More useful

than any mac box.

Mac is just high priced taxed garbage that looks pretty so everyone jumps on its dick.

“Im a college student and am unique and want to start a band, so let me get my parents to buy me that high priced mac because it has garage band on it. I dont care about any other software, just garage band. I also dont know shit and dont care to know shit, so let me get my mac because it’s pretty and easy to use. WOW it dosent even have a black screen when it starts up and is completly unconfigurable, but it is easy. Cool!!! When it breaks Ill just have my parents call the Geek Squad…..”

- Mac user

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The PC/Mac issue is not the one being discussed here. That dead horse has been thoroughly beaten.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic : True. Lurve for making me take back my rant!

I’de get the mac then. Any mac box can run linux, but not any linux box can run mac (unless you find a hacked copy of mac that will run on any x86 hardware).

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Mac is only viable in the West, think China has the biggest online population in the world now and they cannot afford Mac, hell I can’t afford a Mac, it would take the average worker 2 months wages to buy an XP license! Let’s not forget Ubuntu’s only been doing the rounds since 2004 and its already a good competitor, open source moves faster its proven, so it’s just a matter of time till they get it right for the regular user…I would expect Linux’s key players to be taking back a market share over the next decade especially with the recent recession…

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@Tobotron License’s are a joke. Thats why the world invented ISOHUNT and thePirateBay :)

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@Ownage yep I used to do the same but it’s a pain when you update and BAM you have been de-activated and always at the worst time, please use a bunch of cracks to get Windows to work again…its just nice that there’s no issues there with Ubuntu also nice to support a viable alternative and not have to worry about virus’s etc

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every computer has its advantages and disadvatages. I have no say in this.

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