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What do you like better, dogs or cats? And state your reasons for your preference.

Asked by ragingloli (43954points) May 9th, 2009

I prefer cats. They are cuter, they are cleaner, they are independent, they don’t have the dog’s slave mentality.
In short, cats are simply superior.
Happy Caturday everyone.

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Cats are definantly tuff. They are stealthy and are no ones bitch. Stealth and cunning beats a dogs power.

But if I need protection, I would like my pitbull or boxer to be my bitch and do as I say.

They both have their uses

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Cats. And for all the reasons you said. :)

I have 3 of them.

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@Ownage stealth and cunning did not help the cats that my two Terriers pulled apart in the back garden.
Dogs any day.

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Actually, there is room for both. They are different creatures but each species is admirable in its own way. Dogs are always up for a game or a walk or a snack, and will love you forever. Cats are more for the quiet times, when you want to sit and read or take a nap. I do feel that you need more than one dog at a time so you can see them interacting with each other (and so you won’t be their sole focus), and of course, I always have more than one cat.

In fact, at the moment I have 5 dogs and 7 cats and I would miss any of them if they weren’t around.

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I like both, but cats fit my lifestyle better because they require less direct care and I love their independent spirit. They care for themselves but let me cuddle them when I want. Well, unless they aren’t in the mood. They like to think they rule the roost. My cat instinctively knows when I am sad or sick and comes to settle me for comfort/moral support. :) This particular cat I have now is also infinitely patient with my daughter.

I have only had indoor cats, so the perils of outdoor life are irrelevant.

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…for personal safety, a good dog…

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I have both, but dogs are more fun. They have so much more personality. I love my kitty and my doggy!

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Plus I’m deathly allergic to cats.

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I always say that if you want someone to love, get a cat. If you want someone to love you, get a dog.

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@Ivan eww. that is…kinky.

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Heh, it’s true though. I get the impression that, with most cats, if you just left one day out of the blue and never came back, they’d think “meh, so long as there are still people around to feed me.” If you so much as go on vacation for a weekend, some dogs will get super depressed and stop eating.

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Aw, @Ivan that’s doesn’t seem healthy, somehow. That’s sad.

Jolie, who came into my home as a kitten when I was 14, missed me when I went away. There was always fresh food and water in her bowls, so it wasn’t as though she was looking to be fed.

She would always be waiting at the door when she heard my keys and would purr and rub against my leg when I came in. She loved it when I skritched her head and ears, would trot after me through the house and draped herself over my neck long after kittenhood. More skritching opportunities, I reckon. She was never a big cat. She did go off and do her own thing, but if she wanted me to stop doing homework and pay attention to her, she’d put a paw over my hand and meow. That always cracked me up. I could learn some confidence lessons from her example.

When I called home from uni, she’d meow when she heard my voice (obviously, the phone would be put to her ear). If I hadn’t gone allergic suddenly at ~19, I certainly would’ve brought her back to school with me.

All this to say that not all cats are cold and aloof and see their human companions as “the help.” Jolie was very friendly to people who were friendly to her.

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I’m a cat person. I love my cats, they are so mellow and quiet. I like dogs, but have no desire to own one.

I have two orange tabby cats. I would love to have another cat, but my husband says no. I think I will probably be he crazy cat lady when I get old and my kids are moved out.

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Cats are sleeker, more bad-ass animals but I like how friendly/playful many dogs are, as compared to cats. Cats are more self-sufficient, thus easier to take care of, however, crazy cat people almost ruin the prospect of me owning a cat in the near future. It’s seems like you can’t own a cat without being a ‘cat person,’ even though I would. I guess I like both.

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I used to show standard and toy poodles, and I’m allergic to cats, so that cements my preference for dogs. A lot of them are way more intelligent than most people think, and dogs are wonderful for when you’re upset.

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I am closer to our dogs than our cat, in fact, our cat tolerates me. So right now, I guess I prefer dogs. my husband and cat are very close.

I have two great dogs, one of them is really close to me. She rarely leaves my side. When I don’t feel well, she’s very close and seems very alert. She’ll nip at my husband’s heels when I feel really sick. We don’t know how or why she started doing that, but I’m thankful. She is also pretty protective over my son. Which is interesting, both my son and I had cancer. She’s just more protective over the two of us.

The standoff attitude of a cat, throws me sometimes; however, I do respect them, a lot. A cat (in my opinion) can take care of itself, if left to it’s own devices…dogs, well…mine might need a little more help!

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I love all animals; but cats are better suited to my personality because they are low-maintenance. Dog smell and drool kind-of gross me out, so I can only deal with them in limited doses. I also enjoy fish and reptiles, but again there is the maintenance factor.

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Cats. I am terribly allergic to cats but I have four. Standoffish? They come when I call. The smallest has the loudest meow, the biggest has the softest. Duh.

They fit into my schedule quite well. I am busy so I generally put the food down, fill their water bowl and clean their trays and they are will be just fine.

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I don’t like cats, they freak me out. They will scratch you, they look evil and I just don’t like cats.
I prefer dogs anyday, especially puppies. They are so cute and adorable. Dogs end up loving you and they are safer to be with.

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I prefer my cat because if I decide to go out of town for a weekend, I don’t have to board him at a kennel or have a friend come over to feed him and poop him. He’s got his litter box, and I can leave out several bowls of food and water for him to nosh while I’m gone. He’ll make himself comfortable on my bed and happily greet me when I return. My dog, on the other hand, is quite a pain in the ass when we leave for more than a few hours. And she’s a very well behaved dog too. Dogs are just much more dependent.

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