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Why does my printer reduce the size of my document?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) December 19th, 2007

I can’t get my printer to print out the document in the proper size. It keeps reducing them. And it will reduce the document by several different percentages at different times, and I’m not aware that I am changing anything. Please help!

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check your margins settings

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Margin settings are fine. The whole document is being reduced in proportion to the original.

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Is the scale to paper size set to no scaling. If this is not it we’ll have to wait for someone with more knowledge to get here.

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On a Mac, check your print settings by selecting ‘Page Setup’. There may be a page-size modifier there. Also, PDF’s sometimes default to ‘fit-to-page’. These are options available to you from the Print Dialog, that can fix this.

On a PC, Check the ‘Options’ Button on the Print Dialog box for the same ‘fit-to-page’ options. Ensure that you have selected the proper printer driver.

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Hi there!

The problem might not be that of the printer, and so before you do anything, let’s take care of whether it’s the printer, or the Word Processor that’s the problem, and here’s how you do that:

Copy the whole page to the Notepad, and then go to the Notepad, and print that which is on there. Notepad received that which has been copied exactly as it was, and the printer should print the very same page as the Notepad has. If it does do that, then it’s not the Printer, but the Page Setup you’ve got in the Processor. Check through it, and look for any changes that are there that would cause the trouble.

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Great answer! Thanks so much!

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