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Is there any good website from where I can download free ebooks?

Asked by rkgondi (9points) December 19th, 2007

i am looking for programming books particularly eg PHP, MYsql , Javascript, web development , new technologies, ajax etc

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I would recommend checking out OpenCourseWare Consortium . which is a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses. For example, you can browse all the Computer Science courses offered at MIT that they have online. What’s nice is you’ll have access to all the course materials (reading materials, exams, assignments, etc), used to teach those courses. The same materials given to students that attend MIT.

If anything this will help build a solid foundation to build upon.

Also checkout this other post about sites that offer programming tutorials

Good Luck!

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I’ve enjoyed many e-books from the Gutenberg project: There are over 20,000 books available for download.

Primarily classics. Books in the public domain.

Volunteers do the transcribing.

You’ll find some very interesting titles that you might not normal consider.

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Check out It is a search engine which locates free e-books. You can find public domain texts, open books, free audio books, ad-supported books, etc.
The justfreebooks’s database include websites like, and

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Another site is WOWIO.

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Another site is WOWIO, which has free e-books of just about every kind, both fiction and nonfiction. Just so you’re aware, you can only download three at a time and I don’t believe you can rearrange the download order in your cart if you’ve selected dozens.

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Yeah, I would have recommended, which has a bunch of classics.

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