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What kind of undergarments would I need to wear under a unitard?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21472points) May 9th, 2009

This Halloween, I want to be Seven of Nine for Halloween and I found this unitard online and I thought it would do nicely as the bulk of my costume. Since it would need to be skintight, there would be some issues with traditional underwear because the line of the outfit would be ruined. What kind of undergarments would be most appropriate for wearing under something like this?

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there are full-body shapewear suits that will keep you smooth under there

if you already have a great body, go commando.

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nonnnneeeee. if you’re brave enough. and not afraid of having camel toe I guess :P

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I was afraid that was going to be my best option… I think I could go bra-less (if it was a warm night) but I could not do without underwear. I’m a wimp like that. If the line was ruined that much, I might invest in a pair of leggings.

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why not research what Jeri Ryan wore? i know i’ve spent many hours ruminating over that fact…

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Halloween? It’s not even Mother’s day. That’s what I call planning ahead.

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@gailcalled: The costume will be fairly complex. For one, I thought it would take longer to find an outfit. I also need to make the implants myself which will take more time. I like to go as big as I can with my halloween costumes. :)

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I would probably go with a thong and sports bra. Less lines, but no camel toe ;)

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OK. So what’s a camel toe and what is Seven of Nine?

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@gailcalled I will pm you the camel toe answer. I’m not sure what a Seven of Nine is.

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Ta. I remembered what Seven of Nine is and from the pix, I can guess what a camel toe is.

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And we can thank Seven of Nine for tattling on her creep of an (ex-) husband who in turn resigned his Senate seat that gave us the runoff election in Illinois that eventually gave us President Obama.

Spanx makes great bodyshapers/foundation garments that seem to give a very smooth outline. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

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Honestly, if you are comfortable and look ok in it wear nothing. if you want to be a little more smoothed out (as I would want to be) I would find a body shaper by spanx. They can be a bit pricey but they really are the best brand for that sort of thing.

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@eponymoushipster you’ve just been waiting for an opportunity to post that.

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@casheroo i have. and i did. win. ;)

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@eponymoushipster: Hahaha, that’s great. It does, however, make the iphone underwear useless…

@essieness: That’s a good idea. I’ve never worn a thong so that would be an interesting experience but the sports bra would have fewer lines and keep the girls contained. :)

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before wearing thongs i thought they would be very uncomfortable but they’re more comfortable than regular underwear, i think. people that don’t wear them don’t think they would be, because it’s a piece of fabric in your ass, but you don’t feel it, as long as it fits right. if they’re too small, now that’s another story. then it feels like you’re being cut in half.

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@jca I just have to point out though, that not every butt should be seen in a thong.

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@KatawaGrey and @jca Yes, I used to think the same thing about thongs. It might seem to some people that having a “string up your crack” is uncomfortable, but for those of us blessed with a little junk in the trunk, I can assure you that a “string” is much more comfortable than two cheeks worth of fabric. My ass eats panties. Proven fact.

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And somethongs should really be left to the imagination.

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@essieness: I have some meat in the keister but not enough to warrant a thong. When I wear bathing suits with the seam running up the crack, I fidget like a kid stuck in class.

@gailcalled: Apologies for too much information. :)

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