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Which universe do you find more compelling, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Asked by FGS (1932points) May 9th, 2009

I am a Star Wars fan to the death. I enjoy Star Trek but it can never add up to the saga that Star Wars is IMHO.

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Star Wars, for sure.

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@peedub Why weren’t you in my fluther before? :)

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I found most of the Star Wars boring, I like Star Trek a lot, but my favorites are the Stargates series.

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Star Wars FTW.

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The Wars. As nerdy as some of the fans can be, it’s not as bad as ST.

Overly-nerdy fans annoy me.

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Star Wars, by all means, although I thoroughly enjoyed the Star Trek movie tonight.

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@FGS The timing just wasn’t quite right but it is now.

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star trek, no contest. a peace loving, techy society that has left money and capitalism behind and established a quasi socialist utopia.
star wars is disgustingly militaristic and filled with mysticism and the magic replacement “the force”. also its “hero saves princes from evil emperor” always threw me off.

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Star Wars is Opera.
Star Trek is symphony.
Stargate is hillbilly band.

Gotta go with Lucas here.

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Star Wars – hands down

No oozy shmoosie but real men doing men’s work :)

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am i the only one who prefers the star trek universe?

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I’d say Star Wars, but can’t really explain why, lol. It’s too late to be thinking right now…

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I’m going to go with a Star Trek universe because I couldn’t stand to be in a universe that was inhabited with moronic creatures such as Jar Jar Binks and other imbeciles like him.

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Star Wars. There was no Force in Star Trek.

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Star Wars… Star Trek is lame as shit… but the new movie looks cool as shit.

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Star Wars hands down although I wish Lucus never bothered with the 3 latest disasters! New Star Trek film however is genius! Best film of 2009 so far!

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even though I’d rather watch old Star Trek episodes than a Star Wars movie, I think that as a universe the Star Wars one is far better.

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Star Wars, because no one is as cool as Han Solo or Yoda!

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star wars, but i’m willing to give star trek a new chance with the newest film.

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Star Trek.

The TV shows and movies were occasionally cornball, but generally entertaining and interesting. The books are pretty good.

Star Wars has become a huge disappointment for me. I thought episodes 4–6 were epic; episodes 1–3, were a major letdown. The books after Zahn’s series were just frustrating for me.

Also: Star Wars Christmas Special. ‘nuff said.

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@phoenyx what!?! you didnt love this!?! LOL

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Am I the only person that sees the new ST movie as a cliched action flick??! It’s Jean Claude Van Dam(sic) in space with CGI monsters, people!

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@boots I totally agree with you. The new movie is a disgrace to the series.

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yep, an immoveable enterprise, with shields down, and the crew apparently sleeping.
that is the only way the death star could win.

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I enjoyed the newest Star Trek movie by overlooking the out of focus, boring fight scenes. I don’t enjoy the action scenes of any movie, so Star Wars is just about lost on me, since it’s 90% action/fighting.—oh, I like most of those silly action scenes in Jackie Chan movies, but only because it is more like comedy

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Star Wars without a doubt.

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Ha! So that’s the kind of ship they run! Booya! DING DONG! lol

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Star Wars was stirring, compelling, groundbreaking and a classic.
And the dynamic between these two was touching

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oh god that was hilarious ^

sing with me luke…

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More on Luke’s Father

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@boots my son agrees with you on the ST movie. i enjoyed it but that’s because i knew from the trailers it was going to be basically an action flick set in space.

the original question: what do you mean by compelling?

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No contest, Star Wars is king. The only reason the new Star Trek movie did so well is because it was a Star Wars movie with Star Trek characters. If you don’t believe me watch this.

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No contest, Star Trek is king. Star Wars is just a fairy tale about princesses, knights and dark magicians set in space. Star Trek has a message.

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And Star Trek is a sitcom set in space with matching uniforms and shiny weapons.

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Star Trek is a western in Space.
Star Wars is an opera.

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Opera’s have much better storylines…just like Star Wars.

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exactly, just like Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure ~

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Hey now, we’re talking main six movies here.

I can’t defend the other stuff :)

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We’re about which “universe” we find more compelling of which this is a part.

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Even with those terrible stories the Star Wars Universe is still enormously better, just browse through here for a while and you’ll see.

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Good point. But the story is as old as time. There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s all just recycled in different forms.
My favorite was Dark City and then the remake called the Matrix.

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I partially agree with that, but it’s how you do the story that matters. Star Wars did their story in a very different way and people loved it.

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I’ll be honest with you. I actually don’t even care. Fantasy and Science Fiction movies serve their purpose for me if they make me go “ooh and ahh” for a couple of hours. And for God’s sake I wish they would turn down the volume. It’s deafening in the theater sometimes.

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@SeventhSense: “I’ll be honest with you. I actually don’t even care.”

Well then it’s very simple, hit the ‘stop following’ button and quit wasting my time.

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I’m just putting it in perspective. In the scheme of things it’s just not important.
30,000 children dying every day.. Now that’s important. Last year 192 veterans from Iraq killed themselves. That’s important. Pop culture is fun but it’s just entertainment.

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And we can’t discuss entertainment because?...

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Star Trek, as Star Wars bites. Besides, Star Trek came out while Lucas was still shitting yellow. Gotta go with the original.

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Tough Choice. There’s a lot more known about the Star Trek universe because there was five long-running television series, and a whole slew of movies. Star Wars had 6 movies that dealt mainly with wars, duh. I don’t care all that much for war movies per-se, so the Star Wars movies never gripped me that much—Star Trek OTOH dealt with many different issues from war to peace, to strange natural phenomenon, and generally exploration.
Though honestly, I wouldn’t want to really live in either universe, what with Borg and evil aliens and dangerous anamolies all over the place.

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I was a fan of both until Episode 1 came out. The first three Star Wars movies (
Episodes 4–6) were awesome. But Episode 1–3 sucked. The Star Trek series and movies are all hit and miss. I have given up on Star Wars. George Lukas has lost his magic. But I am hanging in there with Star Trek. The lates movie was great. It had more action than Star Trek usually has (which I think is a good thing) and really captured the character relationships of the original series.

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I just got into reading the Star Wars books. God… star wars is just so much more bad ass.
Darth Bane is a bad ass mother fucker

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I’m not that much into space fighting, so it’s Star Trek for me because of the portrayal of daily life.

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Star Wars. Star Trek: TOS is too hammy/cheesy to really get in to. TNG’s writing (for such episodes as I remember) bothered me – they kept putting Picard, a good captain with a powerful ship, on the wrong end of somebody else’s bigger guns so that he could wriggle out of the way. Sure, it happened to Kirk, too, but not nearly as often.
Star Wars, on the other hand, is troperiffic, taking the favorite elements of a dozen different genres and blending them all together into one story.

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