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What are you talking about as you drive with a passenger in your car or truck?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) May 9th, 2009

as i drive, i tend to look over into other cars or trucks or SUVs and see people laughing or talking or not saying anything. you can tell so much about “people” just taking that quick glance as you drive. what are you talking and laughing about? why are you not saying a word?

if you are by yourself, who is on the cell phone with you? are you arguing? are you planning an event as you drive the open road? why does your conversation on the cell phone need to be held right now? is it a distraction?

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usually, i’m on the lookout for a drifter.

actually, i’ve wondered the same thing. and frankly, i don’t talk on my phone while i’m driving that much in the first place. The car is one of my few fortresses of solitude, so it’s either music or nothing – just a bit of quiet.

except for that drifter. and his screams from the trunk.~

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@eponymoushipster even though i have a family truck, i love all its vacant seats when i drive to work. quiet and peaceful.

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the two usual scenarios with me and the car tend to be;
1. me at the back and the driver
2. me driving with my girlfriend beside me

it’s usually silent with the driver, so i’m either taking a nap or preparing for whatever it is i have to do at the destination. usually reading or typing up notes. i usually dont enjoy making phone calls, regardless of whether i’m driving or not.

with my girlfriend, we’re either shooting off wise ass comments and having a laugh (her laughter’s addictive and soothing in a way few other things are) OR she’s annoyed with me and i’m getting the cold shoulder or she’s telling me what a fool or jerk i am.

pretty much sums it up.

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When I’m in the car, it’s either me alone with my son…and I turn back or just drive, while talking to him. I’m sure people think I’m crazy.
When my husband is in the car, he drives. Our conversation changes, I can’t give a broad answer. Sometimes we argue, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we just talk casually about things..

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I’m usually singing really loudly. Whether or not I am singing while I drive is not dependent on my mood; my mood just decides what and how I sing.

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Alone, its just me and the music. With my wife, we are usually talking about things we love, things we hate, idiots driving erratically in front of us, or I am being my usual goofy self trying to make her laugh. I don’t use the cell phone while driving. Too many distractions makes for too many errors. Auto repairs are too expensive.

That’s what’s really nice about my 1991 Toyota pickup, there’s only room for two people.

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I love driving. On a typical weekend I’ll usually drive a couple of hundred miles, just for the hell of it, with no destination in mind, just me and my boyfriend. We don’t live together and we both have housemates, so sometimes the car is the only place we can go to talk privately together and shut out everybody else.

We talk about everything – from silly conversations, made-up songs, doing stupid voices, to huge big “what’s the meaning of all of this” topics – relationships, society, science, religion, politics, music… everything really. The radio has been broken for the past year or so, so it’s silence or the sound of each others’ voices. I love it.

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@reverie sometimes a broken radio is a blessing. Good for you, what better way to find out what someone is like than to ACTUALLY talk to them.

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it depends. sometimes i just turn music on and sing along.
when i’m driving with my one friend – we usually hang out wandering the city aimlessly on sundays – we are usually trying to figure out somewhere to go, and she’s on a say anything (the band not the movie, you cheesy-80s-movies-lovers (;) kick, so we discuss their songs a whole lot. which makes for some interesting conversation.
my mother and i have the occasional interesting conversation in the car about really random things. she’s not very good at discussing important issues though – she gets really defensive and often overlooks the point i’m trying to make – but when we’re on the same page, it’s really nice.

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