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Why do you add people to your Fluther?

Asked by RSoles (1points) May 10th, 2009

Does it make you feel good?What is the point?Is it like wow i am the most popular kid in school?It all seems a bit corny.
Also do the points awarded mean anything apart from a selfesteem exersize.

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This question seems to reappear periodically…

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I follow people who have intelligent answers- especially if I have learned from them.

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People who post questions I routinely like to read, follow or comment to and people who make comments that give me pause to think and consider perspective, those people I add to my fluther. When they do post a question, I can look at their posts first before scrolling through the entire collective.

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I add people whose questions I am interested in. I also follow people who consistently have intelligent answers that I have learned from – who wouldn’t want to follow someone they can learn from? I do not use it as a friend/unfriend feature.

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I like to add people that I find interesting.

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It’s because I’m interested what they have to say.

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Each person you add to your fluther gives you a different powerup. After you’ve collected a bunch, try going back to old questions and see if new areas have been unlocked or are now accessible. When you get to 25,000 lurve points you get to fight Dr. J, the boss character at the end. If you beat the site, you can come back with the username “justin_bailey” and try it all over, only this time without armor.

man, I’m feeling snarky today.

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Thanks all,it was very helpful.

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I have just noticed that the site has an Amazon feature,has this site been sold down the river?

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because i think they’re cooooool folks.

although i certainly haven’t added all of the people i think are awesome.

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@RSoles: Andrew and Ben are now sitting on their matching yachts near St. Kitts and watching their enormous fluther profits grow in an account on the Caymans. Cuban cigars too and Dom Perignon, pole dancers, caviar, free wifi and Armani Speedos. It is really the life.

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@gailcalled hehe, Armani Speedos, hehe

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@gailcalled please clarify your comment.

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RSoles: Go back to school if it isn’t clear.

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How strange a person you are.

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@RSoles: Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris.

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The points mean nothing. Your fluther means nothing. Then again, everything means nothing in the end, doesn’t it?

I used to add people to my Fluther, but since I end up reading the main page most often, I’ve stopped adding people. Usually I add people whose opinion or comments I enjoy greatly.

Fluther has an Amazon feature to try and gain back a few cents on any dollar you spend via clicking on the link provided. It’s certainly not selling itself down the river, almost every website has a similar link or affiliate program. That revenue likely doesn’t cover server costs let alone them making money off it.

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@RSoles What Gailcalled said is what is referred to as a joke. Ben and Andrew are not rich from this site. It can’t get any clearer than that.

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RSoles has left.

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Ten bucks says RSoles was FAGIN.

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@asmonet I’ll see that ten bucks…

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