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How do you make a sammich?

Asked by simone54 (7603points) May 10th, 2009

When you’re making a sandwich (not a hogie) how do you do it?

Do you stack everything on slice bread then put the top on


do you stack the meats on one slice of bread and the cheeses on the other slice then bring them together?

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do i look like your wife to you?
just kidding
i stack everything on one slice and then put the the other slice on top.

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“You can be the bun”...

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I make a “sky rise”-sandwich – that’s how we call them where I grew up – with anything I like from the fridge in different layers. Always thinly sliced cheese and mostly with tomatoes, after that, anything goes in. (except meat). The height of the sky rise depends on my hunger, but mostly 3 slices of bread.

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I personally think a sammich is about a union of two (or more) great things. You keep them separated for as long as possible then you press them together and it’s like a marriage of flavor super-novaing between your bread slices. If you look very closely, you can see a spark.

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I like a palindromic sandwich. Cheese, meat, tomatoes, meat, cheese.

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—Obtain delicious bread. Stone-Milled Rye is my faaaaaavorite.
—Toast both sides, mayo and mustard on both with a dash of extra garlic hummus.
—Lay bread side by side.
—On the left, place Havarti, Baby Swiss or Swiss completely covering the bread, preferably hanging over the edge a bit.
—Add Black Forest Ham or Turkey over the cheese.
—Shake a small amount of black pepper onto meat.
—Add one Romaine leaf to the bread on the right – extra cheese too if I’m feeling awesome.
—Add super thinly sliced red onion if desired.
—Smash both sides together and chow the hell down.

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The proper way is to put the respective layers on the individual parts of bread, depending on the balance. Meats and cheeses belong on the slice of bread with mayo and mustard; the veggies on the side with just mayo (but don’t put your lettuce next to the mayo: the oil draws the moisture out of the lettuce, making it wilty). Then put it together.

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Ever wonder if like 50 years from now the word “sandwich” will only be found in dictionaries as etymological step towards “sammich”? :)

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@TaoSan I sure hope so.

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I spread mayo on both slices, then a slice of cheese on both pieces of bread, then some meat on both slices. Put it together, slice in the middle. Enjoy.

I used to work at Wawa, having to make a lot of sandwiches…they actually did it this exact way, so it stuck with me.

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It depends on the ingredients… but here are a few rules:
Cheese goes in the middle, and never touches the mayo or mustard (it makes it too slippery, so it will slide out the back when you bite down);
Tomatoes go against the mayo and bread (so the juices are absorbed rather than dripping out);
If I’m having mustard, it is on the bottom slice of bread, then the meat, then the cheese, then the lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mayo and seasonings, then the top slice.

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Usually put everything on one side, now that I think about it.

the word “sammich” is like fingernails on a chalkboard

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Sammich just sounds so much yummier, right? :)

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What the hell is a “sammich”?

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My First Response: Walk Sam thru the poison ivy part of the garden. OK too silly.
Depending of course on the contents of the samich (I don’t like doubles)... if it is good with mustard & mayo… then I spread mustard on one slice of multigrain bread and mayo on the other. Then arrange the ingredients (I don’t like lots or many ingredients) – usually a slice of cheese and a slice of some luncheon meat and ALWAYS tomato… pepper mill till blackened and then close the samich and eat! Oh yeah!

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How do you make a sammich? Well, obviously, you call the deli downstairs and they deliver one. Simple!

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