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How do you personally relieve your aggression?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23981points) May 10th, 2009

I’m so stressed, irritated and bothered right now that I feel like I’m going to explode. What the hell can I do to rid myself of these feelings?

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I rock out to 80s hits and Classic Rock.
Make myself focus on something nice, like a brownie or a nice walk around outside.
Sometimes if it’s building up a lot over the course of a few months, I’ll smoke a bowl.

And if it’s an urgent kind of anger, I get in my car roll up the windows, blast some music and scream it all out like a crazy person. It helps, and from what I’ve heard it’s one of the techniques given to people with anger management issues to vent.

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I go for a run. Or do yoga with a couple of glasses of red in tow (oh, and how much more flexible I become!). I call up a friend who is willing to put up with me for awhile and unload (it’s reciprocated, if need be).

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I agree with @jmah, a friend or some exercise will help. I’m more of a loner so I tend to try and process my immediate feelings myself and once I’ve done that I’ll approach it with a friend to clarify further if I need to.

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I don’t have any friends that I can vent to right now. I don’t know what happened, really, but I haven’t seen any of them, or even talked to any of them, in a long time. We’re all busy with different things, I guess. Because it’s been so long, I’d feel weird calling them up to vent.

I also don’t live alone, so I can’t blast music. I would, though, because I love music and I think it would really help right now. Maybe I should take a walk. It’s my only option.

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I think the exercise idea is not a bad one. I’ve done it before when I’m angry; I just get on my bike and go. I don’t necessarily even know where I’m going, but I know I have a large area I can be in. It’s fun and does make me feel better.

It’s better than throwing things—which I’ve done before…

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kill a drifter.

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I’m honestly so angry that I really do wish I could get my hands on something to break or destroy. I wish I had a punching bag. :(

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Save your knuckles, go drive out to a soccer field or a large empty lot and and yell your ass off.
Then flop down and watch the clouds once you’ve exhausted yourself.

That’s what I do, there’s a kid’s field down the road.

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I think a good cry always helps..

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Oh! I forgot what I used to do when I had a job… And felt the need to Hulk smash!

Go to the store, buy a coconut, a bag of ice or some nails and a 2×4.

Hammer shit into oblivion.

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I don’t get angry that often, but when things get on top of me I take a long hot bubble bath.
Then I make a bubble beard and seem to always get bubbles up my nose.

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angry sex if it’s available. otherwise, pseudo meditation helps as well.
whether that works or not depends on how much discipline you have.

i dont recommend running because there’s a chance something spontaneous may happen. when you’re upset, i find it’s usually best to minimize any possible surprises.

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Primal scream

Sing along with angry tunes


Write in my journal

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While I do not condone it I will break things- usually dishes or the like.
It is rare that I get that angry but to do it seems to snap me out of it and
expel the demons right away. Clean up seems to be zen.

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Martial arts. Do you know them?

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@elchoopanebre i do, everybody’s kung-fu fighting.

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Nice. Nothing relieves aggression like striking but I’m a grappler at heart myself.

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Destroy something insignificant that will take a good bit of effort on your part. @asmonet had some good suggestions above, but there are lot of options if you get really creative and/or desperate.

don’t forget to clean up your mess when you finish

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I take my young dog and we run, through the bush, she drags me over logs through ditches. Sometimes I hook her to my bike and she still drags me over logs and through ditches. It is hard to think about anything else when your life is in danger!!! Plus it’s really quite fun.

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punch barrage on a pillow maybe? Headphones and some really fast aggressive music do it for me, old Metallica or something. And cussing, lots of most vulgar cussing, say things that shock you when they come out of your mouth, works wonders ;)

I hope you feel better soon!!!

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I like drawing, video games, meditating, or basically anything (non self destructive) that gets my mind off what is troubling me.

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I go to the gym and work out until I can barely stand, then go home take a hot bath and a cold drink and go to sleep. things always seem to look much better in the morning.

Either that or I find a really good book and dive into it.

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I heat my house with wood so if I feel the need I take my 12 lb. splitting maul and go beat up wood for awhile. It really takes the aggression out of me and is good exercise too.

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Bitch to close friends who will listen, have a drink to calm me down, or have angry sex. Sometimes combinations thereof.

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i think what should do is scream it all out, all the frustration and anger you have. if its a certain person, then you should talk to them so you’ll get out what you’re feeling inside. if you’re not the confronting type, or knows it doesn’t really matter what that person will think of you, because you don’t find that person to be of any significance to you, write it down in a paper, then after you finished read it aloud, then burn it. you feel the aggression released from you. you can also do things that you enjoy doing, or even discover new things that will make you happy, because the more happy you are, the more you’ll forget those things that made you unhappy in the first place.

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Throw yourself on your bed, bury your face in your pillow and scream your little heart out. Enjoy a full-fledged temper tantrum, kicking, punching and screaming until you wear yourself out. Then watch funny tv and veg out. I hope your stressful situation is not too long lived. :)

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Sometimes I make the mistake of not relieving my pent-up aggression and I end up completely overreacting in a completely unrelated situation. I’ve learned that cranking up the classic rock while dancing around helps, destroying something that you won’t regret later, and screaming into your pillow is excellent.

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Well those are all good strategies…..

Personaly I moved on from period when i felt so angry (anger menagement in elementary school).... However, i think that you should destroy something insignificant….

You should maybe experiment:
1st choose object to destroy wich will look good visualy or maybe even messy. It should not be to easy or hard to brake. (Maybe a cake :-) )
2nd film the destruction of object….
3rd take a relaxing shower afterwards an feel the negative energy washing away
4th play the scene in slow motion afterwards

It would be cool to se what you look like whan you are angry, than you will have a laugh.

I DON’T recomend sex since it involves building up tension, so you might end up more frustrated if the guy doesn’t get it right :-)

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