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How do motherless Flutherites celebrate Mother's Day?

Asked by PandorasBlocks (112points) May 10th, 2009

My mother died when I was young and I find this an odd holiday to watch from this position. How do the rest of you(us?) spend the Mom day?

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Last year, our whole family went the to cemetery and released 12 yellow balloons. One for each of us plus one for my Mom. Yellow was her favorite color. This was mostly done for my 6 year old niece who believes that the balloons will reach the “balloon forest” and that Grandma will catch every one of them.

This year, everyone was doing their own thing today. I went to my Mom and Dad’s backyard and picked some blossoms off of their Crab Apple tree in their backyard and put them in a vase, then brought them to the cemetery. My Mom loved that tree. I don’t know how many pictures we have of the kids in our family standing in front of it. I just wanted to bring a little bit of “home” to my Mom.

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Last year was my first without my mother, and my mother-in-law has been gone for some time. But I have been a mother for going on 26 years, so now “Mom” is me. But I don’t care for a big fuss anyway, so we don’t have to do a lot.

Holidays and occasions that have no meaning to us are just an ordinary day, are they not? Don’t you observe the holidays and feasts of your own religion and culture but not those of others?

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With your kids (if you are fortunate enough to have some) – otherwise, cook something that you remember that your Mom really enjoyed, or re-read a book of which she was very fond, & simply say out loud, “I remember you, Mom, & I still love you”. It may sound silly, but this is what I do, & I believe that she hears me & that she smiles.

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My mom died when I was 12 so for a long time Mother’s Day was just another day, that happened to make me feel very sad. My ex dragged me to the cemetery, but I have never found any comfort there so I would rather stay away.

When I got married I always had a celebration for my mother-in-law. Her own daughters didn’t do anything for her so I always stepped up and made her feel pampered. She never could stand me, but I know she appreciated those brunches (although to this day she has no idea I did all the work and is convinced it was her perfect son).

When I finally had my own kids Mother’s Day became a whole new ball game. With all the amazing handmade gifts I get from my boys it is a wonderful, wonderful day now. I do always take a minute to say a prayer for my mom and feel her watching over me and her grandsons.

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My wife lost her mom about six years ago. On Mother’s Day or Dot’s birthday, we go to the cemetery, and put flowers on the grave site. Then we reminisce about the way things used to be, and how much we miss Dot and then when my wife starts to get teary eyed, I do something silly to make her laugh. Today, the way I got her laughing was while leaving the cemetery, the road out goes down a long sloping hill. I put both hands on the steering wheel, put the gear shift in neutral and screamed at the tops of my lungs like I was going over a cliff, making googly eyed faces at her and just generally behaving quite silly. It had the desired effect. She was laughing so hard her face turned red. Some other people at the cemetery looked at us like we were quite insane, but that only made it that much funnier.

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I am motherless by choice (long story), but we celebrate with my husband’s mom, and my kids celebrate with me. If there is someone in your life who has been “like a mom” to you, let her know how much you appreciate her. :)

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Trying to smile and not seem bitter that I am not a mother yet.

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Same answer as @augustlan.

‘cept it’s my “wife’s” mom

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I don’t do anything. Mothers’ Day sometimes comes and goes without me noticing.

My love and memories of her are way too big for any single day to contain. I remember her at any time that is meaningful for me, not by an arbitrary calendar.

I don’t mean any disrespect at all to those who do choose to do something for Mothers’ Day, but it’s just not something that means a lot to me.

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Ahhh, good Q.
Well, I’d say you get pretty similar treatment esp. when your gift to mom envolves outdoor activities…
You do them right along w/ them. Tadah!

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