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I just got a big 1yr persian cat yesterday and it lays around all day. i havent seen it eat or drink water yet! i know it has to adjust to the family but why is it acting like that?

Asked by fedupwitcaddys (417points) May 10th, 2009

ever since i brought the cat home she has been laying around. she just got out of the running and hiding stage, but i havent seen it eating or drinking its water yet. im concerned. i dont want her to get sick and die. can someone please help ease my mind?

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Give her some time to get used to her new surroundings. When my ex and I brought home our Tortie from the Humane Society, she went into hiding for a few days (hid under the bed) and finally came out when she felt safe. Then, she began to explore.

Just give your girl time. She’ll be okay.

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She will eat and drink when she gets hungry and thirsty enough. It is just her way of adjusting to new surroundings.

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Oh and congratulations on getting a new cat.

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Bring some food and water to where she is and leave her alone. Change them every day
so they don’t get funky. Let her decide when to make her move. She will.

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You need to find out if the cat is actually not eating. Weigh her food.

Despite the advice given above, letting her “wait until she is hungry” is not a good idea. Cats that do not eat can develop hepatic lipidosis and die. This is especially dangerous in overweight cats, and most Persians are overweight.

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Persians are high strung cats and do not like change. Do not panic and run to the vet right away as they will also tell you to give it a couple days. Just keep a eye on it and try to give it some attention so it will adapt to you. If you hit the four day mark and you KNOW she has not had anything to drink then get her in before she becomes dehydrated.

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