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Why do French fries taste so bad when they're microwave-reheated?

Asked by _bob (2485points) May 10th, 2009

Is there a way to properly reheat them?

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Because the microwave boils everything. Do you want boiled french fries????

There is no proper way to reheat french fries. If you must reheat them, do it in a vat of boiling oil, as there were cooked originally. However, frankly, if you’re going to eat reheated french fries, you might as well microwave them. It can’t possibly make them any worse than they already are.

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You could put them in the oven so they get crispy.

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Yah it has to do with evaporating out all the liquid, it heats them sure, but not like they were originally cooked….... hence they taste wrong…. if you cooked french fries entirely in a microwave (never baked or fried them) they would taste just as crappy…

Like elijah said…. oven them is your best bet, unless you have a vat of oil hanging around somewhere

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grease? put them in the oven silly.

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If not the oven, then heat a bit of butter in a frying pan and warm the fries up that way. They will get hot and crispy again, and best of all will have taken on the butter taste.

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most commonly, french fries are fried in vegi oil. its the cheapest and most plentiful, so most of your lower to medium end pot shacks will use is. the thing about this is that when you throw these previously vegi oil fried potatoes in the microwave, the electromagnetic waves that are emitted tend to only cooked the fries, not the oil. vegi oils boiling point is somewhere around 320 degrees. a whole 110 dgrees higher than water, which the inards of your french fried delight consists of… water. so, your fries over cook to death while the oils, being dank and gross from whatever else was fried in that frier that day soaks into the fry and fucks the whole leftovers idea all to hell.

why do i know this. thank high school foods teachers. i did a project on how long it takes different varieties of french fries to rot. burger king as opposed to mcdonalds as opposed to friendlys as opposed to outback steak house as opposed to the red room. so on and yadda yadda. vegi oils breaks down the fastest, than olive oils, than some canic based shit, than peanut oils. something like nine different kinds of fries from nine different food joints cooked in 5 different kinds of oils. they sat in those jars for like 10 months after the project was handed in and graded. i dont know what they do to mcdonalds french fries but im pretty sure that they still dont have a spot of mold on them.

anyway. the reheated french fry thing was an add on to liven up the experiment. problem solved.

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