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What is the origin of your username?

Asked by rooeytoo (26966points) May 10th, 2009

Now before someone tells me this question has already been asked, I searched and couldn’t find it.

So many have such intriguing usernames, I always wonder how they created them and what they may mean.

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Oh, dear, it has been, many times. I’m not sure our search is really as well polished and oiled as it ought to be. Here’s one. Here’s another. I know I have answered this at least twice before, but I can’t seem to bring them up by searching.

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to be quite honest, i have no idea. it just popped into my head one day.

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@Jeruba – i searched usernames and username origin. But figured there are new people since it has last been asked anyhow.

I didn’t mean for the same question to appear 2 times though, oooops.

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This was asked a few weeks ago. Like you, I went to do a search (just now), and I couldn’t find it, as well. I found one from back in 2008, though.

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@jmah – would you link to it please.

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Father Guido Sarducci….A comic who made fun of the church and all religion for that matter. He never took himself too seriously and I find his dry sense of wit appealing. Hence, my moniker.

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I couldn’t find the one from a few weeks ago, but, the one from March 2008 is right here.

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@Interesting, @FGS. I’ve been thinking it stood for “for God’s sake.”

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I couldn’t tell you how or why I have my user name. I have no idea how I came up with it.

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@Jeruba Fairly interchangeable I suppose ;)

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Because I am Mia’s mom…yup, that cute towheaded girl is Mia.

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There are more answers here (Nov. 2008 version of this question). Repeating my response:

I made the name Jeruba up when I was playing an early “dungeon”-type RPG from Infocom on a TRS-80. This was back in the 1970s, when there were no graphics to speak of and it was mostly a game of the imagination (and therefore extremely vivid). Each level of the 4-level dungeon took 10 minutes to load from a tape cassette, and it took weeks to play a game through.

One time the roll of the virtual 18-sided die (pseudo-random number generator) gave me a strong, skillful female warrior, and this is the name I gave her. She had nearly solved the fourth and last dungeon when she tripped an arrow trap in the ceiling behind a secret door and went down in flames. Best alter ego I ever had. It was in her honor that I chose an image of a queen in armor as my avatar; or, actually, an actress (Cate Blanchett) playing one.

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<———————- Total lack of imagination. It’s my initials.

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@Jeruba – wow that’s a proud and powerful name and yes the avatar goes with it now that I know the background. I always thought that was your photo though, it fits the way you write and what you say.

Thanks all for sharing. I am going to check out that link now cuz there are some wild ones that haven’t replied and I am still wondering!

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Jmah comes from “Jiggy jig” a (drunken) Irish song that my family would sing before Birthdays/holidays. My Dad started it. Then it become “Jiggy jig, Mah” after my Mom passed away. When we were having a celebration, I’d look up and say, “Jiggy jig, Mah”, wishing that she was there. I shortened it to Jmah and used it as a screen name.

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I just checked the 2008 and it answered some questions but where is evelynspetzebra and a boynamedboobs and epish?????, I can’t get my head around that one. There are some really unique names in here.

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ahhhhhhh that’s nice jmah!

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@uberbatman – guess I just don’t have the search lingo down quite right, I looked for username origin, source of username and nothing like I was hunting for came up, I will check out those answers though and thanks!

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My fiancee, sccrowell, discovered the site via a link on and was having a lot of fun participating. l didn’t generally care for such sites but agreed to check it out. What I found were intriguing questions and well informed intelligent answers from some very interesting people….um, jellies. One question grabbed me since I had some experience both bungee-jumping and parachuting (which was safer or more fun) and I thought wtf, I’ll join and offer my experienced opinion. My username came to me immediately as I kept thinking wtf and just modified it a bit to whatthefluther. Incidentally, old friends here call me wtf so feel free to address me that way. Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, I would much rather jump out of a perfectly good airplane using a professionally packed parachute after having completed many hours of textbook and physical training rather than trust some of the suspect characters offering bungee-jumps.

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@rooeytoo yeaa the search is screwy, you have to have it almost identical to get what your looking for.

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Well, those of you that have heard of GTA Vice City already know the origin of my username, so…

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Because if I have a question I “just wanna know” the answer.

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Because I am an evolutionary biologist. ‘Nuff said.

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Mine should be obvious.

Well, I am glad this got asked.. Since whatthefluther showed up. Long time no see. I was worried about you.

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I’m a mother. :)

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mine is based on a formula that works everytime where ever…and it remains secret

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OMG, WTF is back!

My birth month, followed by my initials. Boring, I know. :)

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… because my name is Nancy.

Edit: ...because my name is Rufus.

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Hey jp…Greetings…good to “see” you. I had some high priority physical projects to attend to while I was still able so gave them my full attention. I completely rearranged my ’’‘playroom” which is now outfitted with a mini-fridge, microwave and toaster oven, a Keurig (k-cup) coffeemaker and the best sound system I’ve ever had in my life (big Harman/Kardon stereo powering six JBLs, 2 ea 3ways, 4ways and 600W 12” powered subwoofers). I’m in heaven! See you around…wtf

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Hi Augustlan . ..Its great to be back…I missed everyone. 14K+ lurve?!?! My, you’ve been busy. Maybe I’ll try to catch you!? Yeah, right! Plus I better watch my step….um, tongue….congrats on the mod position…very well deserved. Well I better stop all this aside stuff…sorry rooeytoo

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@Darwin – and here all along I thought you lived there and we might be neighbors!

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@rooeytoo – Sorry about that. I have relatives in Melbourne though, and an “adopted” sister in Perth. Does that help any?

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<——- That’s My Name…
Glad to see you back again, WTF!! It makes this old heart smile =)
My apologies for going off track!

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And @sccrowell too! It’s like Christmas in May!

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@Darwin – Not too much, when you live in Darwin (or 250k out as I do), you are pretty damned far from everywhere!

By the way I was just looking at the links on when this question was asked before and I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I actually answered it one time since I began fluthering. Old age is hell!

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@rooeytoo – Ah, but it is much closer than Texas, where I actually live.

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How very flattering, @rooeytoo. Thank you. When you look at the larger version of this image, you can see that it is a star of great beauty playing a queen of great power. I, alas, am neither, except to the extent that you create me by seeing me this way.

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@sccrowell welcome back! :)

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@whatthefluther!!! Welcome back! :) I was still a newbie, the last time I saw you!

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Tits McGhee was a nickname of mine at work due to my, ahem, natural gifts. It came from Anchorman originally, but I actually respond to it (as well as Chesty McChesterson, but that isn’t quite as catchy).

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I am a knitter and I love frogs. And usually I can get knitfrog or knitfroggy when signing up for something, which is nice, so I can remember my user name on different sites!

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Thanx uberbatman =) it’s good to be back!

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Ahhhh… Augustlan <—- you are too awesome!

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I was having a dream about a kid’s game called, Hungry Hungry Hippo but in my dream it was called, Hungry Hungry Hortence and I woke up thinking it would be the perfect name for my fluther account.
kudos and lurve to amoebic for the avatar

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Hint: it has nothing to do with me as a person. :) I’m generally happy, optimistic, and feel like a well-adjusted adult.

“You have been killed by 3or4monsters!”
“You kill 3or4monsters!”

In many online first person shooters, when you kill/get killed by another player, little messages like that show up in your action text field. My name is a joke. Either your a stud who took on a gang of monsters and won, or a dead man mobbed by multiple foe.

I’ve just carried the name around with me from place to place. The chances of it being taken are quite slim.

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My middle name. (Wine) The 3213 part comes from the generations of men with that middle name in my family. And I’m the third.

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Think license plate…and since I am, I thought I’d constantly ask if everybody else is, too.

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My first name, Prasad.
This is how you’d pronounce it:
P as in ”P ut”
r as in ”r un”
a as in ”uh” or ”eh
s as in ”s oldier”
a as in “f a r”
d as in ”th e” or ”th is”

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my name crossed with a transformer cause Transformers is awesome super cool!

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Well, I LOVE Murder She Wrote, so obviously, I’m a jbfletcher fan.

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I’m the early 50’s my father moved out of his fathers house and started living with his older brother. They had a young cook who would make their meals… and everyday he’d ask them what they wanted? Being young and nonchalant, they (in jest) started arguing with each other in front of the cook, my dad said he wanted Oud-billaue (some thing close to a duckbilled platapus) my uncle said no NO we’ll have Bagardbilla (a fictionary animal in Pakistani folk tales), after much arguing it was decided that 3–4 lbs of Bagardbilla meat stew would do…
Needless to say the cook spent most of the day walking the streets of Lahore asking where he could find some
Bagardbilla. Ashamed first of his failure to procure some, coupled with the ridicule from all the butuchers, the cook appropriatly did not show up that evening or for that matter ever, leaving the two young batchlors to fend for themselves with eggs, rice and dall (beans) for the next few weeks! Needless to say, they had to live at opposite ends of the house, (I believe Methane had something to do with it ;)

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It’s my name and the year I was born!

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This username followed me from Back when I got it, my partner was on as well and we wanted to represent a famous couple who were philosophers so I became Simone_De_Beauvoir (I also love her work) and he became JeanPaulSartre (he’s under the same name on fluther, too, but he doesn’t come around)

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A love of WWII history….

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This is two thirds of the name I was given at birth

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@benjaminlevi I like your name.

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Thanks everyone, your stories are great. I still wish though aboynamedboobs and evelynspetzebra would fess up!

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@rooeytoo, EPZ explains his name on his profile page.

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@rooeytoo PM them and ask them.

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Well I must say I don’t think I ever would have figured that one out! But it is great, I wonder if others are allowed to join the Evelyn sect, it sounds good to me.

Somewhere in my travels here there was a house built next to a church that is famous for its recruitment practices. The guy had 3 huge boxers in his yard and a sign on the gate mentioning that the dogs had a taste for members of that particular sect. Bet that worked too! I know when my akita answers the door it is a deterrent even for those I welcome.

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@FGS – That would be the simplest way but it seems sort of intrusive. I figured this way they could respond if they wanted. And I guess the fact that they have not is indicative of their feelings. So I will just sit and wonder…..............

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@rooeytoo Aboynamedboobs is a nice enough fellow, you should PM him.

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@rooeytoo I pm’d him about 5 minutes ago, and left him a message to visit this thread if he’d like to share. :)

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I know the story about Aboynamedboobs. Kind of.

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I’m a dork and a girl.

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@augustlan & FGS – thank you, I hope he responds.

@Allie – well please tell unless you think he would get upset.

@dorkgirl – why do you call yourself a dork?

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So A Boy Named Boobs.

A boy named Goo is a record album from the Goo Goo Dolls that used to live on the same street as me back in Buffalo.

Long story short, I was at a party in highschool and me and a group of friends were going around the group and assigning which body part we all thought people would be. I got hit with Boobs. So, from then on most of my friends just called me Boobs. Which, has problems because the last thing you want to see while your at work is someone banging on your window from outside yelling “BBOOOOOOOOBBBBSSS!!!!!! BOOOOOOBBBBBSSSSS!!!!” I proceeded to pretend I didn’t know them, so my bosses would just assume our town was full of rampant sexaholics.

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oh and Three is my lucky number. almost forgot that

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@rooeytoo I guess I’ve always felt quirky and a bit inept.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 – that is sure an interesting story. I can’t imagine having people pounding on the window like that. You are a good sport. I wonder what your bosses really thought.

Thanks for telling your story.

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@Dorkgirl – If being quirky and a little inept made you a dork, pretty much the whole world as I know it, is therefore composed of dorks!

I didn’t mean to take away your uniqueness, just let you know you’re not alone.

Thanks for answering!

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 I had a feeling your name came from that album.

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Actually my husband gave me the name. Sherlock because I am a PI private investigator.. Poems because I write at least one poem every morning before I have breakfast. a kind of discipline thing.

Dorkgirl's avatar

@rooeytoo True. Not alone in the world in my dorkiness.
BTW—love your puppy picture. Reminds me of my dog. :)

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@Dorkgirl – Thank you, she is part dingo part red heeler, part kelpie, part ????. I bought her from an old Aboriginal man. She is extremely intelligent, eager to learn, rides on my motor scooter with me and is becoming one of my all time favorite dogs. My other 2 are almost 12 and are slowing down, but this young creature keeps me going going going.

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