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When you take home leftovers from your family dinners or brunches, do you typically end up eating them or do they sit in your refrigerator until you throw them out?

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It’s a race between me and one of my roommates as to who will actually end up eating it, at times. The home cooking I take back with me is fantastic!

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If its food ill eat it. Unless is some really weird stuff but most of the time it takes a couple hours in my house fridge to disappear.

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It’s not called a doggy bag for nothing.

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If I don’t eat it, someone else in the house does. Um, unless it’s the jello-mold my darling, darling, darling boyfriend’s grandmother brought to Thanksgiving. Then it stays in the fridge untouched for a few weeks until we break down and toss it.

Edited to add: Untouched both at TG dinner AND after. Even she didn’t want any of it.

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Typically eaten quickly. If I take leftovers, it almost always means I think they’ll be yummy. If I don’t think that, then I say so and don’t take them.

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Waste not want not! We eat it. With money getting tight, why throw away perfectly good food.

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NO!! I am the worst person at taking every bit of food left home and then I never open the box again. My ex used to get so mad at me I would have box after box in his fridge of leftovers and never eat it so he would always have to because it killed him to waste food

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I hate for food to go to waste. Half the time, the left overs don’t even make it home, we eat on the way (a 500 mile, two day trip).

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My children and husband refuse to eat leftovers, so unless I disguise them as a new dish or eat them myself they end up in the trash or in the dogs (and sometimes both when the dogs tip the trash can over).

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They always end up in the dustbin, which is why I never want to take them in the first place. I have to carry all these huge heavy bags in my car, then park miles away and walk home (I live in the centre of town with no parking around), then when they rot I have to carry them all the way out to the rubbish again. It’s embarrassing on top of everything else, and the food is never that good to start with (my mum’s idea of “homemade cooking” is throwing a frozen pizza in the microwave without even remembering to take of the wrapper).

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I don’t eat at family dinners. I know I am strange but my sister is the only person I trust to cook for me. But I have no problem eating at Burger King. WTF?

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Having always disliked wasting food, it gets eaten up until gone. Eating away from home is a treat so I look forward to any leftover morsels.

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Since this is a food and family question, may I take a moment to bitch? My son just ate the last piece of key lime pie (that I made) without asking if I might want it. Grrr.

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They always get eaten, in our house. If it’s leftovers, it’s probably from my mother’s house, that is always some seriously good comfort food!

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The almost always get eaten in my house-especially if it’s Chinese food!

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@jonsblond tell him he has to make the next one, and he doesn’t get any

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@YARNLADY He also ate the last of the strawberry cheesecake. Double grrr. :)

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Stuff I bring home has a 50/50 chance of getting eaten, but if they are leftovers that I’ve made, it increases to a 75% chance, which increases yet again when my roommate’s boyfriend is present.


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They get eaten or incorporated into new recipes. The best chili I ever made had the scraps of 4 different thai food containers mixed into it. It only equated to about 1.5 cups of leftovers, but it gave the chili (created in a 16 quart pot) a unique flavor.

Most often, it’s something like grilled veggies that sit for a day or two, then end up in a soup pot. Sloppy joe scrapings dribbled into an omelet with cheese and onions. Hell, anything can be made into a soup or omelet if you have the right extras lying around.

I keep eggs, butter, tomato paste, onions, garlic, herbs, and cheese around at all times to fill out underwhelming volumes of leftovers.

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Leftovers primarily come to us via my mother-in-law. While she’s a good cook, she’ll make five pounds of pasta for four people. So 75% of that is coming home with me (along with sausages and meatballs and cheeseballs and zuchini and potatoes and a pork roast and…)

So we’ll gladly eat them, but by day four you’ve had enough and out they go.

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I send it to the starving children in foreign countries that my parents always told me about when I was a kid.

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@ru2bz46 Or you could go to the hunger site and let the advertisers send the food for you.

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@YARNLADY They’ll take my leftover ‘taters?

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@jonsblond that’s the worst!

If I don’t eat it by the next day, then I probably won’t eat it at all. My husband thinks chinese food last a week after ordered, and I won’t touch the stuff after two days. lol.

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I’ve been bad in the past about forgetting leftovers and that last veggie in the fridge, but I am trying to break that habit nowadays.

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If it’s Chinese food, we usually end up eating later on in the night. That’s the thing with Chinese food, you end up be hungry a few hours later. :) Anything else, it’s usually me bringing home the food, and most of the time it will sit in the fridge for a few days, then I toss it.

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I’m the disposal unit in the house. Food always enters our septic system “preprocessed”.

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It depends on who made it.

If my mother-in-law or grandmother-in-law made it, there is a 99% chance that I will not eat it. I bring it home because they insist beyond my intial attempts at refusal and I do not want to be impolite.

If my mom or grandma made it, I will definitely eat it. I won’t take anything I don’t want and they know me well enough not to push it on me.

I have always had food issues. I will eat just about any food, but preparation and appearance are vital. If I think you might be a double-dipping taster or finger licker, I’m not eating it. Potlucks are like torture for me. I know my own family well enough to trust what they make.

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I have to MAKE myself eat it so it doesn’t go to waste, even if I’m not in the mood for it.

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@ccbatx all left overs can be chopped up together with some onion and spices, mixed with mayonnaise, and used for sandwich spread.

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mmm, sounds yummy=)

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