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Why has my eyelid been twitching for the past 10 days, and how do I get it to stop?

Asked by kevbo (25624points) May 10th, 2009 from iPhone

My left eyelid keeps spasming, and I haven’t figured out how to make it stop. Its origins are correlated with back to back nights of semi-heavy drinking. It feels like rubbing it should make it stop, but it doesn’t.

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I used to get that during the period just before finals.

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You are slowly going crazy. And everyone can see it twitching.

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Sleep, don’t strain your eyes too much, easy on the booze, lots of water.

My guess, anyway.

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Don’t listen to PnT. The booze is not the problem.~ (I hope.)

PnT is probably correct.

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Get a lot of sleep, and rest your eyes frequently during the day, for short (5 minutes)periods. At home put a warm wet washcloth over your face for 15 minutes, then follow up with a cold cloth. Don’t use your eyes any more than necessary for the rest of the week.

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Are you taking any anti-seizure or mood-stabilizer medications? I only ask because I had this exact side effect from taking Topomax, and it’s a serious one. Turns out that Topomax can cause Glaucoma! As soon as I stopped taking it, the twitch went away.

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I always thought it was some sort of muscle spasm, it not only happens to my eyes occasionally but sometimes in a muscle in my leg or arm. It always just went away of its own accord.

But I have heard that eye strain can cause it in that area, don’t know for sure though???

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I noticed my eyelid starts twitching when im under stress so its a good sign for me to sit back and calm down

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@augustlan, not taking drugs, but good suggestion. I’m guessing that it’s maybe stress or fatigue. I’ll try the washcloth idea. Thanks @YARNLADY.

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I get that too, but not for as long as you

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I was just going to say stress, too. Mine does that on occasion, but for just a few minutes. I hope it stops for you soon.

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I get the eye twitching thing every once in a while. I’ve heard that it is a lack of potassium. Eat a banana… unless you have this as well.

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I get them too, and they suck. The good thing is, most people can’t tell you’re having them.

I’m going to try Yarnlady’s trick as well.

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Mine is usualy stress or lack of sleep related

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Muscle twitching is usually due to muscle fatigue. I get a twitch in my eyebrow sometimes when I’m tired. Try getting a couple of really good nights’ sleep.

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So, Kevbo… are you still twitching? Did you ever find out why?

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No, it went away shortly after this q. Probably, I just needed more sleep (and a few days of detox). ;-) Thanks for checking in, my dear.

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Thanks for the update. I’m glad you’re twitch-free! :)

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Muscle fatigue as well as deficiencies in calcium and potassium can cause muscle spasms. I have the same problem with my left eyelid. I usually take some vitamins and the problem dissipates.

It’s possible that alcohol effects absorption of calcium or potassium. This could explain why this happened after a few days of drinking.

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