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Where do you clip your toe nails?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) May 11th, 2009

I have always done this task in my living room on the couch in front of the TV. I was reprimanded by my roommates. I guess it is pretty gross.

Am I only the only one who does this?

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I lift my foot and hold it over the bathroom sink to trim.

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I do it where ever I damn feel like it, but I live alone right now. When I am sharing living space with other people, I do it over the toilet. Other people don’t wanna see that.

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Bathroom. Over the toilet.

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I also do it on the couch in front of the TV. If I was living with anyone other than my husband, I’d do it in the bathroom (or maybe in my own bedroom).

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In the back yard, fingernails too.

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In the shower.

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I loved when my girlfriend did things like that where I was. It’s intimate. Well, I worshipped the ground where she was walking so I guess that would include her nail clippings. I do it where no one sees me though.

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I find some lonely place, take a paper (newspaper) to collect cut nails, and throw them into the dustbin.

Over the toilet?...I do other refreshing things! :)

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I don’t get why nail clippings are so gross to some people. I mean, I don’t want them lying around all over the place, either, but all the people I know who clip their nails in front of other people also gather them and throw them away. So what’s the issue?

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Outside most of the time. I usually sit on the step outside my door. Or over a trash can. Or with my foot up on the toilet. All work for me.

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@MacBean I have major issues with the noise that clipping nails makes. Maybe it’s because my husband is neurotic about it, and clips his nails all.the.damn.time. claiming he “hasn’t done it in weeks!” I get so nauseated from the sound of it over and over, that I flip out. haha

I don’t clip my own toenails. My husband does it for me. He likes that sort of thing lol. I also only clip my fingernails if one gets broken…I usually nibble on them if something happens to them as well, but never any other time.
Usually this is done in the living room or bedroom. I can’t stand finding clippings in the bed though, so it has to be thoroughly wiped off.

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And that is what it sounds like when I fall in Love with Allie. I see a toenail bucket on the porch in our future

But my sister will toss a cigarette butt in the bucket. . I have a bad feeling about that.

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I put a tissue under my foot as I sit on the floor or on my bed (that has been made, so any escapees are easily spotted and disposed of).

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I don’t clip; I file :P

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I do it immediately after getting out of the shower so they’re softer & easier to clip. I can’t do hard & stiff. I like short toe nails. I stick my foot up on the side of the sink. After the clipping’s done, I get an old toothbrush, stick my foot in the sink & scrub my toe nails with soap. I would never let anyone else do my toe nails. NO ONE touches my feet but me!

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I clip them while taking a bath. Everyone’s answer (mine included) seems gross.


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@jbfletcherfan Have you seen a psychiatrist about that? ;-)

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@ru2bz46 LOLLLLLL, no…should I?

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@jbfletcherfan Well, it just seemed a little neurotic to me…I’m sure it’s nothing, but maybe a little shock session would be good for you :P

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the thought of people clipping soggy toenails is making me gag. i don’t know why it sounds so weird to me, since you soak your feet before pedicures..

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I think @casheroo might want to join @jbfletcherfan on one of those sessions…I wonder if they can get a group rate…

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@ru2bz46 & @casheroo…too funny. Believe me, damp nails are MUCH easier to deal with. Try it. You might like it. Richardhenry clips his in the shower. Same principle.

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I also clip mine after showering… they’d be much too hard to clip otherwise! (which is an odd contrast to how soft and weak my fingernails are!)

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My fingers and toes have about the same nail consistency, so I don’t get the whole softening thing. Hmmm…I just got out of the shower, and both are in need of a good clipping. I’ll be right back…

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@ru2bz46 Let us know how that works for you, hahaaaaaa

@hearkat See…you get my point. :-)

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after showering, over the toilet

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OK, I just clipped them all (again, over the bathroom sink), and I think I take much shorter showers than the rest of y’all because I didn’t notice a difference. I saved one nail on my hand so I could chew on it for a while and get that soggy effect to try clipping it later. I think a bath would be better than the shower for softening the really tough nails like @hearkat seems to have, and I wouldn’t recommend chewing on her toenails (unless you’re into that sort of thing…or get someone else to do it…maybe @casheroo‘s husband since he seems to have the nail fetish). Anyway, I have to get to work, so I’ll report on the softened chewy nail later.

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@ru2bz46 Ooohhhh, don’t chew. Not good for your teeth! My nails soften up good in the shower because my shower time is about 15 minutes. Showering, shampooing, conditioner, shaving, etc. It takes us gals a little longer. By the time I get out, they’re ready to go.

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Anywhere the clippers and need happen to meet up. (I can never find the clippers.) I clip, collect on a paper towel, and dispose. I honestly never thought it was an issue until my husband fussed about it. I walk around with no shoes on in the house all the time and sleep barefoot between the sheets; what is the big difference?

He, on the other hand, makes this big production of putting his foot in a plastic grocery sack before he clips. He doesn’t care if our daughter’s nails fly off in every direction when he cuts hers, though.

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@Supacase A plastic grocery bag??? I’m laughing out loud here. What a visual! LOLLLLLL

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@jbfletcherfan: 15 minutes is a quick, basic shower for me – if I’m shaving, too it’s a half-hour!
But I admit, I like taking my time and luxuriating in the shower… I even zone out in there some mornings.
I call my long showers ‘my only vice’, now that I’m eating better and drink only rarely.

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@johnpowell Then we will put toenails in her ash tray. Or is that not something that would bother her?

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I clipped my soggy fingernail, and I didn’t like the results. The “clippers” just sort of squished their way through the nail, leaving the edge with a bunch of little fibrous nail hairs hanging off it. I definitely prefer the actual “clip”. It makes for a cleaner edge. Maybe the ladies here might file the edge afterward, but that sort of torture is not for me.

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I love the nail clipping experiments that have resulted from this thread.

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At the salon once every fortnight. OK, someone else actually does it, but they get done.

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@Supacase I actually did the grocery bag thing yesterday. It’s the only time I’ve done it, though. I was inspired by the story of a serial killer who used a brown paper bag to catch spent shell casings.

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Like @Facade, I don’t clip, I file. The thought of someone else clipping or filing my toenails makes me gag. I am ok about it if I’m getting a pedi at an actual salon, but still a bit uncomfortable. I hate other peoples bare feet touching me, especially if they don’t take care of their feet (long nails, hairy toes, dry cracked heels, calluses, etc).

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