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How do I get my mother to swim?

Asked by earthrecycler (3points) May 11th, 2009

you see, my mother doesen’t like to swim because she is scared that she would drown, i’ve begged her many times but it won’t work she just keep giving me excuses, so do you people have anyway to get my mother in the swimming pool?

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Why make her? It’s not like not swimming is harmful to her health. If she doesn’t want to, why should she have to?

Push her in.

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Why is it important to you? I don’t know. Maybe you should ask yourself why it matters. Is it for her sake or for you? If it’s so important, maybe you could explain to her how much it would mean to you, to go swimming regularly together.

Yes. Push her

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Why do you want her to swim? I hate swimming personally. I can’t stand to get water up my nose and I hate to do anything where I can’t wear my glasses. If mom doesn’t want to swim, leave her alone.
don’t push her…that’s mean!

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…but at the same time it’s good to face your fears, be it spiders, swimming or heights. This might be something that would help her feel better about herself. Maybe you can talk to someone that works with phobia at a local hospital or they could refer you. But she has to be willing of course. Maybe she would actually want to not to be afraid of swimming.


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You shouldn’t force her to. What are your motives here? The best thing is to respect your mother’s wishes, even if they seem irrational and silly. If she doesn’t want to swim, then go swim yourself.

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If she has to learn to swim as part of a preparatory procedure in case something happens (touch wood), maybe start her off with something as simple as sitting in the baby pool, later she can graduate to the shallow end when she has gained more confidence to handle being in water.

Work from there. Give her time but gently challenge her.

However, if you want her to learn how to swim so she can swim with you, then… well… that’s your call.

DON’‘T push her into the water. She might panic and get too traumatize to even think about getting back into the water.

glares at oratio

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As a mother, I would not care to have my son asking others how to “get” me to do things. I do not like to be got to do things. Do you?

I agree with the others, if she just likes to stand or sit in the pool or sit on the edge with her feet in the water, and she is enjoying herself, be glad she is enjoying herself. Why should she stop enjoying herself and instead do what you think she should do? If going to the pool starts turning into a contest of wills, why would she even go?


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I see some people that need time out!

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the water is not so deep as you said, it is like 0.8 meters only

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On the assumption that she actually wants to learn to not be afraid of water: maybe she could try holding her breath and pushing her face in kitchen/bathroom sink full of water. (This would be easier to do in the actual pool, standing at the low end of the pool, but since it’s the problem of getting her there…) Next step could be to blow into the water.

In no case should she be forced. She will just panic and never try again.

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