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Do you eat the weird ones?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11300points) May 11th, 2009

When you’re having fries and one is a little brown and odd looking at one end.. or when you’re having chips and there is a suspicious black spot… do you eat it? Or are you the type to throw those parts away? I know this question is stupid but I’m still curios. xD

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I usually eat the weird fries. The tiny, burned, golden brown ones have a nice crunch to them sometimes. Weird fries are equally good in honey as normal fries. I keep the weird fries unless they’re just really icky looking, then they go in the reject pile. The icky brown chips get thrown out pronto.

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Sure, I eat it. I don’t think about them. They are always there. I eat everything with a spot or weird patterns. It’s food. I’ve read that we eat one or two pounds of insects every year without knowing it. Well. Shit happens, or in this case bugs. One could eat worse I guess. I think we in the west are a little picky and squeamish about our food. Yellow ketchup didn’t sell at all, cause it was the wrong color. A banana getting a little brown and mushy gets thrown away.

A funny thing is that there is a law in sweden still active, called the “potato law” ratified around WWII that says that it’s illegal to peal the potatoes since too much food gets wasted. Easily the most broken law ever. I do peal my potatoes. And I do think we should have standards about what we eat, but sometimes, it’s a bit much.

Then again, my son licks up what he spills on the floor, if I don’t catch him.

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I’ve heard that companies are allowed to have a certain percentage of insect parts in their products.. however low the percentage. It makes me wonder if that suspicious spot is some poor beetle who happened by and was swiftly baked into my ruffles. xD

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@NaturalMineralWater Yeah, he he. Most of the insects are in body parts, so I guess sometimes they are. Spicy.

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I just tear off the funky parts.

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Of course I eat it.

Many people seem ridiculously conditioned in wanting all of their food to look uniform and perfect. I guess it’s just part of everything being pre-packaged and homogenous. Natural items aren’t blemish-free.

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Sometimes I take the weird part off, or I eat it…depends on what the food is. I don’t mind it on some french fries, but certain foods I will not eat the brown spots because it grosses me out.

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I’ll eat anything. Burned fries? Perfect. Insect parts? No problem. Once boiled in vegetable oil I can’t tell the difference between a potato slice, a pork rind or a beetle wing. It’s all good. The rest of the family is picker. They don’t know what they’re missing.

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I’ll eat everything except the weird parts..and the crunchy parts.

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Ill eat it.

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i totally eat them. They tend to be crispier and have a crazier taste. I like to keep some variety in my life.

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I don’t. I won’t eat anything that looks in the least bit suspicious. Or discolorded anything that looks like it doesn’t belong. I’m very particular at what passes these lips.

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I don’t eat the weird potato chips, especially if it is a spot with that weird green color. I am a little more forgiving of french fries. I visually inspect every bite I take and anything that hits me the wrong way for whatever reason is not going to be eaten. I am lucky to have the privilege of being so picky. I don’t feel too guilty about it because I know my husband will eat anything so when I dish up dinner I give him the pieces that weird me out.

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Haha this is a funny question. But if I come acrossed “The weird ones” I will eat it. I am not picky on my food. To be honest they don’t taste any different.

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