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When do you turn the shower on?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) May 11th, 2009

Do you….

Step inside the shower, turn the hot water on, wait for to heat up, then turn the valve for the shower


reach into the shower, turn the hot water and shower valve, then wait outside until the water heats up?

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Reach. My water lines are infamously sporadic. You could lose a hair follicle if you aren’t careful.

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I am a reacher too, thankfully I live in an area where there never was and probably never will be a water shortage so I don’t worry too much about water conservation.

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Step inside, turn it on but I make sure the water doesn’t touch me. Then I carefully touch the water to see if it’s hot enough already and then step under it.

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I step in, hold the shower head in my hand, turn on the water and wait for the water to get warm enough. Interesting question. :)

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We don’t have a shower. Bathtub only.

1. get a good temp.
2. close the drain and fill half-way
3. add bubble bath
4. fill all the way
5. read
6. drain
7. go fetal under the spout. Thank god for being tiny
8. be cold while I get dressed

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@johnpowell I don’t think I could live with just a tub. Or just a shower for that matter. lol

I reach in and wait for it to warm up. I can’t stand cold water, my showers are usually very hot.

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@casheroo :: me too. I hate cold water. I take hour long baths. I usually add hot water every 10 minutes to keep it hot. I’m glad water isn’t a concern here.

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I’m ashamed to give this answer, but it’s the truth:
1. Reach
2. Continue to read article in latest New Yorker until glasses fog and can’t read anymore
4. Step in shower.

Yes, veeeery wasteful!!!

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turn on the shower, go back to sleep until it’s hot. Sometimes I wake up hours later and it’s cold again ;(

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I’m a reacher. I ain’t taking my chances with either freezing or scalding. I’ll waste a little water.

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Turn on the shower, wait for a minute, step in. I have a toggle at the base of the showerhead that stops the flow, so I use it to save water while I lather with shampoo and soap.

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Reach in, turn it to full-on Hot, wait for it to heat up, then lower it to comfortable prior to stepping in.

When my son was an infant, it was advised to do it this way prior to filling the bath, so the water wouldn’t continue getting hotter as it filled. It made sense to me, and now I don’t have to fiddle during my shower to adjust the temperature.

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The second option.

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@hearkat That’s exactly what I do. The water seems hot when I feel it, but sometimes when I actually step under the water, it’s not hot enough, so I crank it up some more. It can’t be too cool or too hot. It has to be juuuuust right.

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I turn the water on, find the correct temp., activate the shower head, and then get in.

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When do I turn the shower on?
Once a week whether I need it or not!

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@knitfroggy Totally agree!

Our water gets VERY hot, but not at first so it can be deceiving. I think the temp is right after waiting for it to heat up, the I step in and it’s HOT. If I don’t wait long enough, though, it’s too cold. I have to make sure I wait long enough for things to even out so I can make the proper adjustments for the perfect temp.

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@Bagardbilla Believe me, you need it! ’-)

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Uh, I switch it up. It’s about 50/50 excluding baths.

Then again, I took icy showers until I was like 14. And I still occasionally blast cooler water if I get too warm, now my showers are mostly boiling.

I know. I’m weird.

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My shower settings are remarkably consistent – putting the handle in the same place results in the same temperature water. But it takes a minute for the hot water to arrive, so I set it to the right temperature, wait a minute, and then get in.

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@cwilbur: I am curious where you live, because I find that my temperature setting fluctuates, depending on the the temperature outside which effects the ‘cold’ ground water that is being mixed in with my ‘hot’ furnace water. Maybe because our house is pretty old our pipes aren’t adequately insulated…

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Turn on water, get undressed, wait til water is hot, get in. Sometimes I look at my tattoo in the mirror while I wait to see if it’s okay. Other times I criticize myself for various things. =[

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@Allie: I usually spend the time brushing the knots out of my hair, checking to see how bad the roots are, and looking for new breakouts (it’s gotten a lot better, but it still bugs me that I have to deal with grey hair and wrinkles, but still deal with blackheads and zits!)

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@hearkat: I live in Somerville, Massachusetts, in a very well-insulated condo.

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Reach and wait. I have a grey-water system, so…no waste, unless incidental evaporation counts. Plus, my date palms have silky-smooth fronds now.

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@cwilbur: Interesting. I would have speculated that you might have lived further south. You really don’t have colder cold water in the winter than you do in the summer? (I am in NJ)

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I turn it on, wait a minute, stick my hand in to feel the temp, then get in. Usually I will brush my teeth while I’m waiting for it to get warm. I do not take hot showers because it’s bad for your hair and skin. Warm showers when the weather is cold, cool (not cold) showers when the weather is warm.

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@elijah: I only turn it to hot to ensure that the max is reached for safety, then lower it considerably… like you, I avoid taking hot showers. Sometimes I will cool the water down even more for my final rinse, to help close the pores and smooth the hair shaft, making it shinier.

My son also brushes his teeth while waiting for the shower to warm up… the only problem is that I’ve just gotten out of the shower, so it’s already warm – so he is being wasteful! ><

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@hearkat haha yeah that final rinse is like gymnastics, a back bend to rinse your hair in cold without it actually touching your body. I can’t bring myself to rinse my whole body in cold, unless it’s about 95 degrees outside.

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My husband brushes his teeth in the shower…does anyone else do this? It seems gross to me to brush with hot water.

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@hearkat: not that I’ve noticed, no.

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Enter bathroom.
Turn on shower.
Stretch. Sometimes I do a few push ups.
Enter nice warm shower.

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@petethepothead Maybe if I had your routine I wouldn’t be criticizing myself in front of the mirror. Note to self: Adopt Pete’s routine.

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I usually turn the water on like middle to hotish and go pee and then by the time I flush its usually time to go in the shower.

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