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Where can I download the latest version of Internet Explorer for my Mac?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) May 11th, 2009
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IE for mac hasn’t been updated since June 16, 2003 and should not be used for anything else than experimental testing. it doesn’t not do the same as IE for windows, so you can not use it to test your websites. For that you would have to try Parallels or Boot Camp. If you just want a great browser i’d recommend Safari or Firefox.

If you really want it, you can download it from here

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Internet Explorer is depreciated on Mac OS X. As wilhel recommends, you should use Safari (ships with your Mac) or Firefox.

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I prefer Safari of Firefox but I have a website that we use that only work with IE.

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Odds are that it wouldn’t work with Mac IE either – the code base for Mac IE was completely separate from Windows IE at the time. (And as a result, in a very delicious bit of irony, for a while, Mac IE was the most standards-compliant browser available.) Most of the time, a website that only works with Windows IE uses ActiveX controls that weren’t available on the Mac anyway.

Once you’ve complained to the operator of the website that only works with MSIE and gotten nowhere, your only alternative is to use some sort of Windows machine, either a physical machine or a virtualized one on your Mac, to use that website.

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Virtualisation is an option indeed, just download virtualbox (free), download windows 7 RC1 (free). make the magic happen and there you go…ofcourse, i make it sound a lot faster than it will actually go, but it’s fun to mess around with virtualisation.

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