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Is the hazel color the same as the brown color?

Asked by archaeopteryx (873points) May 11th, 2009
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No. Hazel is usually used as a description for an eye color; I have hazel eyes; greenish with yellow specks. They shift towards either green or blue if I am wearing said color.

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Hazel and brown aren’t the same thing. Hazel is a shade of brown, just as jade is a shade of green.

For example, hazel eyes are often light golden brown (presumably named after the colouring of a hazel nut?). They often have flecks or are blended with other colours, like green, darker brown, or sometimes blue. There’s more information on hazel as an eye colour here:

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I have never thought my hazel eyes were a shade of brown; neither has anyone else. I just looked in a mirror and see a shade of green. My kids have tiger eyes, yellow, brown, and speckled.

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Hazel eyes have some green-brown colors happening.

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My eyes are hazel. They never look brown. They change from a green and gold to a blueish grey. I guess the gold flecks could be considered a little brownish, but to me they look more yellow/gold.

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I have hazel eyes too. It’s kind of cool, because they look different depending on what color I’m wearing. They tend to be more greenish colored, so if I wear green they look really green.

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I love hazel eyes. Green with gold specks. My last girlfriend had gorgeous hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Her eyes would really stand out. Stunning.

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I don’t think they’re the same at all.

My mother has green eyes, they look almost emerald colored, but her eye doctor tells her she is actually blue eyed! You can’t see any blue from looking at her though.
I think eye doctors know the true color more than anyone.

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My eyes are hazel,my hair is brown.
That is,my eyes are green.
There is no similarity between the two.

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My eyes are hazel;
Is that the same as brownish?

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“Hazel” isn’t actually a color, not in the same way that Taupe or Egyptian Blue are. It’s a word used to describe a goldish brownish greenish eye color. Then again, “brown” also isn’t a color in the same way as my two examples; however it’s worthwhile to note that the concept of a “hazel” colour is rarely used for anything beyond eyes. If you went to a paint store and asked for hazel paint, they’d give you a confused look.

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I don’t think you can request it at a paint store because it isn’t a solid color, same as you can’t request striped paint.

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My eyes are hazel, but most people say I have green eyes because that is the predominant color from a distance. When people get up close to look at my eyes (which is oddly often) they tell me there are also, gold, dark brown, light brown, and yellow specks in them and sometimes a blue ring around the iris.

My mom’s eyes are almost the exact same color as mine but look completely different because she has very light eyebrows and lashes while mine are very dark.

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No, hazel eyes are on the green side. I have ‘em.

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Another hazel eyed jellie here; and they’ve never been even remotely brown.

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Hazel is green? Now I really have issues. I have always heard a green eyed parent and a blue eyed parent can’t have brown eyed kids.
Mom has some explaining to do…

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Hazel eyes are ONLY golden or reddish brown. They appear to shift in color from a deep brown to a light golden, honey or amber color depending upon lighting. There is a modern misconception that hazel is greenish brown. Untrue. Any hazel color contact lenses could verify this. I’m an eye specialist so I know eye color.

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@SnowWhitePrincess: So if my eyes go from light gold to green, what do I call them?

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@SnowWhitePrincess: I always have some very apparent green pigment in my hazel eyes (as did my brother, father and sister). I have never had reddish-anything eyes except when I contracted a stye. I have also never had deep brown, honey or amber eyes either. My kids have the golden-brown cat’s eyes – different from mine.

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I have hazel eyes. They change color a lot! Sometimes they are brown, but they always have the green pigment. Sometimes they turn more green but they still have a brown pigment. My eyes never turn only green or only brown, and they never turn gray like most hazel eyes. Hazel eyes are really cool!

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