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When you're having a "case of the Mooooondays," what cheers you up?

Asked by Knotmyday (7511points) May 11th, 2009

For me, sometimes it’s reading silly stories like the following:
What form of therapeutic release works for the collective?

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To be honest I dig my feet in and work as hard as I can. While enjoying a cup of coffee. :)

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Here I am looking out my classroom window and seeing the gorgeous sunshine. <Le sigh>. If I get a chance to get outside on a day like today, I do it. Warm sunlight does a body good.

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I’d be a lot better off today if I knew.

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• brew some seriously strong coffee

• wear bright colors

• start a Monday night tradition to help you get through the day (movie night, spa night, etc.)

I seriously used to hate Mondays. Sometimes, the thought of how it was around the corner basically would be enough to ruin my Sunday evenings.

Another thing I found helpful was to leave everything ready the night before, that way I could stay up late on Sunday night and not have to scramble Monday morning getting ready.

I no longer have a traditional work schedule, so the evilness I previously associated with Mondays is gone. The bad part is, I’m never quite sure what day it is :)

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I sit and gun down zombies on Left 4 Dead or watch something funny.

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I believe you’d get your ass kicked sayin’ something like that, man.

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Think of how much worse things could be.
By a mere twist of fate you were born in or were able to move to an industrialized country with a high quality of life that affords us the luxury of complaining about having to work.

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Or conversely, you can dream about kicking people who offer unhelpful platitudes squarely in their ineffective dicks. Hey, thanks! I feel better already!

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@Knot:Or have Drake write to Milo. They can bitch and moan about us. Or does Drake know how to write in cursive?

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Drake is an all-caps, italic-print guy. Straightforward, long walks, head-out-the-window, rare steaks etc. He’d welcome a note from Milo, as the warmer weather means more “inside time,” i.e. less fun.

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