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Remote computing between Mac and Windows?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) May 11th, 2009

Well, I need to be able to control my windows vista computer from my mac over the internet. It would be useful to have it so I could even do such things are restarts and complex system work. And as cheaply as possible.

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The software you want is called “Remote Desktop Client.”

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I just found that a moment ago but I cant work it out, the instructions windows give make no sense.

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I use You can control either your mac or pc via your mac or pc over the internet.

It’s simple; you install a client on each machine, and it’s free.

LogMeIn Free for Mac:
LogMeIn Free for PC:

The links are not readily apparent, they have their paid versions upfront.

I used it to play world of warcraft at work… the game was running on my home pc and i was playing it at work… so fun!

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I second I use it from Iraq on the computer lab computers to control my Macs at home. Very cool! Also very easy to setup.

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