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Have you bought into "Brand Obama"?

Asked by Stanley (189points) May 11th, 2009

Do you get the feeling that Obama and company are trying to sell us on feeling good about ourselves? That ultimately as things change things stay the same?

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9,000 Earmarks in the Omnibus bill…. in a word… No

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The people who have their interests in the money and power in this country do this to us every 8 years or so. We start to get wise to corporate treachery, and a vast military-industrial complex and the looting of the treasury and it is the big bad republicans at fault, and we rabble rabble. Then, in comes a shiny democrat, the peoples champion, and it quells us for while, as the machine continues to churn just as it did before, but somehow we are pacified to it. They did it with Clinton, and now Obama.

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@Horus515 Yes, you got it exactly right.

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Absolutely. It’s the only brand I’ll serve my family.
Accept no substitutes.

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Well, it is delicious.

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And nutritious!

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Capitalism puting on the mask of a black face in order to appear progressive, however we all know what is underneath, same old Anglo Saxon Hog Monster.

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what do you mean what?

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Absotively – hook, line, and sinker. It’s a product we have been waiting 8 long horrible years for.

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