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Is the skullcandy a good brand of head phones?

Asked by badass101 (23points) May 11th, 2009

i have some ipod head phones and i am thinking of getting some sckullcandy headphones.should i spend the cash

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I have skullcandy full metal jacket ear buds. I’m not that impressed with them, but they aren’t disappointing either. I am happy with them but I guess I was expecting them to be better. They are much better than the standard iPhone/iPod ones though.
My daughter has skullcandy headphones, and they sound better than the ear buds IMHO.

aidje's avatar has good reviews that take price range and application into account. They don’t have any skullcandy reviews, though. To be honest, I’ve never heard anyone talk about skullcandy headphones in what I would consider a reputable context. I get the impression that they’re more about style than about audio.

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My brother bought several earbuds from then and they all stopped working after a few months. I have a different kind of pair by them and they still work after a year

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I love my skullcandy headphones and as an over-40 gal, I feel kinda cool when I wear them in public.

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Ok Skullcandy are good headphones but you cant beat

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