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What compact car would you recommend to buy?

Asked by nina (895points) May 11th, 2009

Paramenters for choice: safety, reliability, price. Contenders: Sentra, Versa, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic

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Mazda 3!!!! If you feel you need a boring car, the corolla is a good option

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Smart Car! I really do love those things.

But out of your contenders, I would probably choose a Civic. They are said to hold their value really well.

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I’ve had a Sentra before and I loved it. I had it 10 years and would have kept it longer, but it was flooded out when my house/neighborhood flooded.

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The Honda Fit is better than the Versa, in my opinion.

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I love my MINI Cooper S!!! but it and the regular Cooper may be too pricey. I previously owned VW Golfs (now called the Rabbit again) and I loved those, too? Any chance that could be in your price range?

If it’s an option, manual transmissions get you more bang for your buck—they have a lower sticker price, get better gas mileage, and are safer in inclement weather and lots more fun to drive!

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For the three items that you’re looking for, Honda and Toyota are tied at the top, and hold their resale value well.

I’d narrow it down to those two and then see which one drives better for you. The Honda feels a little more flimsy than the Corolla to me, but you’ll just need to decide which has the features you like better. I’d avoid the Nissan and the Mazda.

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Get a horse, cheaper than a corolla and ecofriendly :D

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I luuurve my Mini Cooper.

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Honda is the way I’d recommend. I’ve owned 2 different honda civics. One 86 CRX that had 285k miles when I sold it….and I now drive an 03 Honda with over 100k miles on it….they just last soooo long, and have a decent resale value.

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Well if safety is important I would definatley consider a Smart Car

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I’ve heard great things about the new Toyota Matrix… my dad even likes them and he’s a “truck” man.

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