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Can you have an affair or be romantic in space?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) May 11th, 2009

you and the male/female crew will be up there in space for a while, fixing things and floatin’ around and stuff. shuttle just launched today and it will be more than a three-hour tour headed for Gilligan’s Island.

can love or sex needs evolve? no? wait till we get back on earth?

man, it’s just something about you as float and fix that jet booster. and when i saw you fueling over there by the aero-pump, oh man! and the way you open that freeze-dried PB&J, i couldn’t help myself.

let’s hide in the back and explore? is it possible?

why don’t you just get a space room for crying out loud!?

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I think I can, it will spice up the situation probably. After you have tried the kitchen, your granma house, the car, the airplane and maybe a little boat in the middle of the ocean, why not the space? The only problem would be to clean up the mess :/

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@arturodiaz after 11 days up there, yeah, i’d try it.

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who wouldnt want to have sex in space?!? Just think about how awesomes it could be. Zero gravity….

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So long as people have looked up at the stars and thought “what if there is intelligent life out there” many of those same people have thought, “I wonder what it’d be like with an alien life form”.

I think sex in zero G would be fun but messy.

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I found this article. You might find it kind of interesting.

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1. How did you even come up with this question? This is the weirdest question I’ve read on fluther so far.
2. Of course, on any long trip like that, romantic relationships are bound to evolve (as are fights, misunderstandings and so on).
3. Sex itself would be a problem due to low gravity. Everything is impractical on a spaceship, from brushing your teeth to peeing. Sex would be extremely uncomfortable, as it requires gravity to work. I know it sounds great in theory to float around while doing it, but if you’ve ever tried it even in water (yes, I have), then you’ll know how impractical that is. You’d need to hold on to something or be strapped or in a really small space so you could move properly.

@the_compassionate_Heretic no need to try it out on enormous cockroaches with 7 heads. There are plenty of mammals to satisfy your curiosity for now :P

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@Jack79 Aliens aren’t my thing but if humans have taught me anything, is that they like some weird weird stuff sometimes.

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@Jack79 well, let’s just say it just came across my mind. coworkers in space. could it happen? i say, yeah, um, now that you think about it. yeah.

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@Jack79 Maybe sex on the moon :D. Gravity is six time less or something. I don’t see problems with the 0 gravity, probably if you grab from something you wont have many problems. Except with the mess of course.

@The_Compassionate_Heretic absolutely true. Just watch yourself for a couple minutes, you’ll see how weird you are. Still I wouldnt say no to aliens. Who knows, they may know some good tricks. There is always something new you could learn :)

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Here’s the deal. It’s from the spaceman’s handbook. Page 734. It says, to paraphrase, which is a big favor to you, since the dense prose (it was written by an accountant, I believe) of the handbook would probably put you in a coma. As it was, I narrowly escaped death. I should remember not to read while driving a semi.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. So, as I said, boiling it down to its essence, you can have an affair, so long as it is not romantic or you can be romantic, so long as you don’t have an affair.

What can I say? And anyway, what did you expect from a handbook put out by an agency that has to think about the number of tiny screws in a side panel of the Hubble Telescope (111, I believe—maybe that means something?), and more importantly, how to unscrew them in space without dropping a single one, when the unscrewing is being done by a manatee and dropping one means space junk that could decommision the telescope in one hell of a hurry!

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i mean, it’s like everyday work for astronauts. so if everyday work just happens to be in space, it just seems like earthly emotions could transcend to other-worldy hanky panky.

i know it’s weird, but where else but fluther can you ask? you know?

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I would say sex in space would be a hell of a lot more successful than masturbating.

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In space, no one can hear you moan.

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I think sex in Space is on page 23 of the Kamasutra.

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Having sex in zero gravity would be kinky and very aroasing..It be amazing really.

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It would be the one time that bondage would be absolutely necessary. Inertia and all.
Tie me up, and tie me down!

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