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What is my Blackberry Bold doing when in Sleep Mode?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6824points) May 11th, 2009

When I’m in the alarm setting screen, I have the option of sleep mode. I’m assuming this means that it knows I’m sleeping and won’t ring or something until my alarm goes off, but does anyone know the exact settings for Sleep Mode? I don’t see any way to modify them, and I want to know what I will and will not be alerted to.

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Maybe you can experiment using a landline to call your phone after it goes to sleep.

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my blackberry has a mode, whereby i can set a timeframe during which i don’t want to be bothered with notifications. perhaps this is that setting on your phone as well? (i have a Pearl, not a Bold, so it might be a bit different phrasing and settings)

otherwise, sleep mode could be similar to an “airplane mode”, where there is low power output and no communication with cell towers.

as @YARNLADY said, check your manual, or as TCH said, test it.

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@yarnlady If I had it with me, I would. That response was like answering, “Google it” to any other Fluther question. Not really the answers people are looking for….

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@BBSDTfamily Sorry to be so abrupt, but you’d be surprised at how many people miss that obvious answer. So “google it”.

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You can set the parameters up for sleep mode in the Options menu or from the clock menu. You can have it turn the radio off, or just the sound and LEDS. I always have mine radio on and switch it to a modified profile that will only allow a very select few numbers to wake me. My wife has hers turn fully off until the alarm goes off.

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Dreaming of electric sheep.

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