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Do you avoid answering questions from people who you frequently disagree with?

Asked by YARNLADY (43431points) May 11th, 2009

I don’t usually pay any attention to who asks questions I am interested in. Is that unusual?

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I refuse to answer questions by people that I know are homophobic.

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I try not to fall into the trap of turning “people I often don’t agree with” into “people I decide never to agree with by virtue of who they are”.

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I avoid people who are insulting rather than disagreeable.

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Great Answers So Far.

I don’t mind disagreeing. I answer questions that I find interesting. Often times I do so even when I know there will be “issues”, lol. But I do pick and choose wether or not to do this depending on my mood or the issue. Not so much the person. If it is something that I know will be disagreed with then I think about if it will bother me too much at the time because of the issue or my mood and if so I will skip it.

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No, not at all. There are a lot of jellies that I completely disagree with, but like any disfunctional family, I love my Fluther brethren and sistren.

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No, I’ll avoid participating in banter with them if I feel it will only be destructive, but I’ll still comment on their questions. I feel I owe them at least that much respect.

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I don’t, I might avoid them for a while to give us both space if something goes down. But generally, I will return. I avoided tinyfaery for a while, because it was clear we were butting heads, I like her now, and after giving it time with just reading her posts and not responding and just watching how she came to her conclusions I understood her better. At least I think so. Now, I respect her more and agree with her more often.

I try not to let grudges or dumb behavior on either of our parts get in the way of anything. Unless, you’re a particular brand of dumb ass.

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@asmonet It was a comment from tinyfaery that prompted this question, written as if I had actually looked at who asked the question before I answered it, which I did not and don’t usually do.

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I know my experience with her was that she was very straight forward, she does not sugar coat, and at first I was thrown off. I’ve grown to appreciate it. She really is an asset to the community. It’s kind of a you either get her or you don’t. And if you don’t well, oh well.

She can speak for herself though I’m sure, so I’ll bow out now.

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Sorry, I didn’t realize you had asked two separate questions and got caught up in the first.

I do always check who asked the question, and it may determine how I answer, but not necessarily whether or not I will. Seeing troll names, low lurve and odd questions, established members…all elicit a slightly different response from me. I do not always succeed in remaining impartial, but I try when I can or when I feel the question has been asked with sincerity.

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I only avoid Trolls.

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Not me. I even have seVen in my fluther.

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AstroChuck is a better Jelly than me…

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I only answer a question based on my interest in the question. if I only talked to people who agreed with me, life would become very boring, less stimulating.

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i find this subject to be very disagreeable. i refuse to answer. get it? huh? thats rich.

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I never even notice who asks the questions, if they intrigue me, I check and see how the responses are going. If I feel I have something relevant or interesting or even amusing, I will answer otherwise I just move on.

The scores seem to indicate people who have been here a long time or have a lot of time to spend in Fluther, doesn’t necessarily make them any more or less desirable to follow.

I don’t know who the trolls are, so I don’t avoid them. There are a couple of people who annoy me but that is my problem not theirs!

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It honestly depends on my mood that day. If I want to avoid conflict then, yes, I will probably avoid answering the question. If I am looking for a fight then….well you get the idea.

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I don’t avoid answering their questions, but I avoid arguing. I’d rather make my point and let that be it.

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@smone. :)

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No, of course not. That’s the whole point about having debates.

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I have too bad of a memory to remember who I disagreed with. It’d have to be something really major for me to remember. I also tend to avoid subjects that involve bigots. I still answer the question and disregard anything the user says.

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Being a creature of habit, I look at a question because it’s title indicates that the question might be of interest. I see the title in my queue, and I tend not to notice who asks it. Once I get to the question, I’m invested, and I read the details. It doesn’t matter to me who asks it, except if it is a relationship question. I’ll look at the person to see if they have asked similar questions in the past.

On that level, I will sometimes decide it is not worth my time to answer. Not because I disagree with the person, but because I’m tired of that person’s problems.

However if I’m still interested, I’ll try to read all the discussion, and if that’s too much, I’ll start skimming. I’m looking to see if anyone already said what I want to say. I’m also looking for comments related to what I want to say. Then I’ll answer.

I know, TMI, but I assume people do the same thing with answers. If they see it’s me, some just skip right over it. Others take the time to read it. On my side, there are certain people whose answers I will always take time to read through.

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